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Review of Wichita State University

Here, limelight finds a university in Wichita, Kansas. This university delivers approximately 50 percent of the graduates in Kansas. And it produces 20 percent of the total engineers working in Kansas. The name of this university, situated in the "Air Capital of the World", is Wichita State University. Only in fall session every year about 15,000 students get enrolled. The university consists of:
Among these colleges and schools - college of engineering, college of fine arts, college of health professional, and W. Frank Barton School of Business are at the center of interest due to funding opportunity and geographical position of this university. Especially, college of engineering holds pretty much attention of both domestic and international students. This attention is due to the fact that the university is situated in an industrial city of Kansas. College of Engineering College of Engineering is comprised of following departments:
Mostly international students find their interest in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Networking, and Industrial Engineering. At the beginning, it was informed that the university is situated in the "Air capital of the world" i.e. in Wichita. Thereby, it should be apparent to all of us that Aerospace Engineers or prospective Aerospace Engineering students come here from all over the world for their degree programs. In accord to some statistics, the greatest numbers of Aerospace Engineers do their job here in this city. Since different sort of industries are here in Wichita, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers find their jobs here too. And due to availability of job, engineers and prospective engineering students belong to these two fields also become a part of this university. It is mentionable that Cisco is a very familiar term to all of us. I believe you fellows understand what I meant.

Personal Thoughts Regarding Aerospace Department

Well, I am an Aerospace Engineering student in Wichita State University. The reason behind choosing this University was obtaining some industrial experience following the completion of my MSc. Of course, I was informed (by faculty) that "almost all of our grad students get some sort of funding". I don't understand why they say that. However, I am not the only one who was duped, because, according to the faculty, they still have the largest number of students in compare to any other university in USA. At the beginning of the fall 2012, the Aerospace Engineering Department had 70 MSc and 20 PhD students. By the way, no one should assume, this department doesn't have any funding. Matter of concern is the number of assistantship positions is way less than the number of candidates.

Personal Thoughts Regarding Aerospace Research

We were talking about funding in the preceding paragraph. Funding for the most of the students comes from research funds. If you are interested in research in Aerodynamics, and if you are a Master's student, I do discourage you to get enrolled here in this department. If you are interested in Structure, then you can take a chance. If you are mainly interested in composite material, then you can take a chance as well. We have an Institute named 'National Institute of Aviation Research. There are quite a number of labs where a large number students work. Remember, I said, they work. They don't do any research in those labs. They work like a regular junior engineer in the industry. Some of the labs are not accessible to Non-US citizen, no matter how good student you are. It was pretty much pessimistic, right! Unfortunately, that's the true face. However, if you are an Aerospace Engineer, no wonder if the city draws you here against your will. After all, jobs are available here.


Wichita is more like a sub-urban place. We shouldn't call it city. It's just too quiet. The only way you can keep your smile alive here is making friends. Make as many friends as you can. Don't consider the origin of nationality. Go beyond that. Be bold.

M M Islam
Grad. Student in Aerospace Engineering
Wichita State University, Wichita, KS, USA

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