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Study Abroad guide

Below are guides to some top destinations. You will find details for each country (like rankings, admission procedure & requirements, University list, visa information for international students, Tuition and fee information). List of countries and details in Europe and South America are covered in respective sections.

Life and Living in a Foreign country, culture shock, finances/costs

How to get started?

Find your areas of interest(courses/degrees/major). Check admission requirements for a country. Universities in a given country have similar basic requirements (like GPA, exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT, English Proficiency, etc. ). Make sure your current qualification meet those standards. Check for dates and deadlines (colleges might stop taking applications a year before the start date of your course!). Make sure you have enough funds to cover your education (education expense varies a lot). The last and most important thing is getting student visa! You should have a backup plan (what if a student visa is rejected?). The whole process of studying abroad might take a year (prep for the exam, take the exam, wait for results and apply for colleges, student vis, etc.).

Life and Living

Summer Education