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Study Abroad guide

Below are guides to some top destinations. You will find details for each country (like rankings, admission procedure & requirements, University list, visa information for international students, Tuition and fee information). List of countries and details in Europe and South America are covered in respective sections.

Life and Living in a Foreign country, culture shock, finances/costs

How to get started?

Find your areas of interest(courses/degrees/major). Check admission requirements for a country. Generally Universities in a given country have similar basic requirements (like GPA, exams like GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT, English Proficiency etc). Make sure your existing qualification meet those standards. Check for dates and deadlines (colleges might stop taking applications an year before start date of your course!). Make sure you have enough funds to cover your education (education expense varies a lot). Last and most important thing is getting student visa! You should have a backup plan (what if student visa is rejected?). The whole process of studying abroad might take an yr (prep for exam, take exam, wait for results and apply for colleges, student visa etc).

Life and Living

Summer Education