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Last Updated: November 05, 2023

GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

The Graduate Record Examination is a test used to compare an applicant's skills in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking which are critical for success at the graduate level. GRE (General Test) is widely accepted worldwide (160+ countries) and in thousands of graduate and business schools/Universities.

Numerous modifications have been made to the GRE general and subject tests as of September 22, 2023. Since the COVID pandemic, there are also GRE at-home tests available. The test scores will be available for 5 years all after the test date and can be used by the student to send additional reports whenever necessary for a nominal fee.

About the GRE Test

Why is the GRE Test needed?

Candidates planning to pursue a graduate degree (Master's or Ph.D.) might need to take the GRE, especially if they are planning to study in the US. GRE is now accepted by most colleges for MBA programs and some Law programs are also accepting GRE scores in lieu of LSAT scores. For some colleges/programs it's an optional test but all the same, it is highly recommended for international students.

Achieving a decent GRE score is not mandatory for applying to colleges most of the time. However, having the score report increases the chances of getting admission all the same since it shows the dedication of the student and also acts as an extra marker through which they can assess the abilities of the student in question.

Cost of Taking GRE Test

The following is the price of the GRE and other services:
ServicesFee (in U.S.$)
RegistrationMainland China-$231.30
All other countries-$220
ReschedulingMainland China-$53.90
All other countries-$50
Test Date Changes$50
Additional Score Report$35 per recipient
Question-Answers Review-Verbal and Quantitative Section$50 (New York State Residents only)
Score Review for Analytical Writing Section$60
Score Reinstatement$50
FORMS OF PAYMENT Modes of online payments include:
Candidates can call the following numbers to finish the process if they are unable to make payments online:

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GRE Quantitative

GRE Verbal

GRE Analytical Writing