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Last Updated: January 31, 2024

What is the GMAT/Graduate Management Admission Test?

GMAT is the most prominent and standardized test made available for graduates in order to procure admission to MBA programs. The exam is used by over 2,400 institutions and universities in the world. It is conducted by the GMAC in order to assess skills that are of value to business-related and managerial courses. It focuses on fields like problem-solving, data sufficiency, logic, etc. One of the reasons why the exam is popular is the consistency in which it has been administered.

GMAC launched the GMAT Focus, the new version of the test, on November 7, 2023.

Who Can Apply for GMAT?

Students who are above the age of 13 will be able to take the GMAT irrespective of their nationality and educational qualification. Most of the students who apply for the GMAT are undergraduate students, though this is not a set requirement.

Eligibility Requirements for GMAT

The eligibility requirements for applying for GMAT are mostly around the age of the candidate-

GMAT Focus Edition

As of January 31, 2024, the GMAT Exam's previous version has been replaced by the revised GMAT Focus Edition. The new GMAT Focus Edition was accessible as of November 7, 2023. The GMAT Focus Edition lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes, featuring 64 questions in total, with an optional 10-minute break. This enables candidates to gain admission to over 7,700 courses at 2,400 business schools.The GMAT Focus Edition will be available online and at test centers. The syllabus is divided into three sections, namely Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Data Insights, which highlight the precise abilities required to excel in a postgraduate management course.

Updated Format of the Exam

SectionNo. of QuestionsTime Limits
Quantitative Reasoning2145 minutes
Verbal Reasoning2345 minutes
Data Insights2045 minutes

GMAT Focus Edition Scores

The GMAT Exam - Focus Edition Total Score scale has a range of 205 to 805, with a 5 at the end of each value. Scores for sections vary from 60 to 90. After the exam, the candidates can see their unofficial scores right away. Online access to official score reports is usually available in three to five business days. Sometimes it could take up to 20 days.
SectionScore RangeStandard Error of Measurement
Quantitative Reasoning60-903 points
Verbal Reasoning60-903 points
Data Insights60-903 points
TOTAL SCORE205-80530-40 points

The candidates will receive information on their performance in comparison to other applicants for the same program, along with their overall and section scores, percentile rankings, and insights by section, question type, and content domain (a particular field of knowledge).

Cost of Taking GMAT

The cost varies by country for the GMAT focus. Candidates can find out how much it costs in their own country by clicking HERE. The cost of taking the test is typically between $250 and $310. The cost of other services, like cancellation and rescheduling, also differs between nations. Please be aware that there might be an extra US$10 charge if the service is rendered through a call center. Students will be able to pay the fee online using VISA, Mastercard, and American Express through a debit or credit card.
The following is the price to take the GMAT exam in the US:
Service FeesDelivered at Test CenterDelivered Online
Exam RegistrationUS$275US$300
Enhanced Score ReportUS$30NA
Additional Score ReportUS$35 eachUS$35 each
Cancel ScoreUS$25NA
Reinstate ScoreUS$50NA
AWA Essay RescoringUS$45US$45
Rescheduling Fee
Service FeesDelivered at Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before examUS$55US$60
15-60 days before examUS$110US$120
14 days before examUS$165US$180
Cancellation Fee
Service FeesDelivered at Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before examUS$110 RefundUS$120 Refund
15-60 days before examUS$80 RefundUS$90 Refund
14 days before examUS$55 RefundUS$60 Refund

Test Dates for GMAT

There are no set test dates for GMAT, and students are free to take the test at any time at their convenience by booking it online or visiting their nearby test center. The exam is conducted multiple times a year through more than 650 test centers spread across the world. Students have the option of registering as early as 6 months before their preferred test date. It is recommended that students select a date that is at least 2 or 3 months after registration.

How GMAT Focus Edition is Different from the Classic GMAT Test?

The following is a comparison and contrast of the GMAT Focus Edition with the GMAT Classic:
Basis GMAT Focus EditionClassic GMAT Exam
Time Duration2 Hours 15 minutes3 Hours 7 minutes
Time Per Section45 minutes per sectionQuantitative Reasoning-62 mins
Verbal Reasoning-65 mins
Integrated Reasoning-30 mins
Analytical Writing-30 mins
Number of sections3 Sections4 Sections
Exam SectionsQuantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Data Insights
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Reasoning
Integrated Reasoning
Analytical Writing
Number of QuestionsQuantitative Reasoning-21 Questions
Verbal Reasoning-23 Questions
Data Insights-20 Questions
Quantitative Reasoning-31 Questions
Verbal Reasoning-36 Questions
Integrated Reasoning-12 Questions
Analytical Writing-1 Question
Total Score Range205-805200-800
Score Range per Section60-90 each sectionIntegrated Reasoning-1-8
Verbal Reasoning-0-60
Quantitative Reasoning-0-60
Analytical Writing-0-6
Cost of Taking TestsVaries from country to countryVaries from country to country
Rescheduling and Cancelling CostDepending on the country, it variesDepending on the country, it varies.
Review and Edit answersAllowedNot Allowed
Unofficial Score ReportsRight after the exam is finishedas soon as the exam is over
Official Score ReportsWithin 3-5 business daysWithin 7-10 business days
Sending ScoresWithin 48 hours of receiving the exam's Official Score Report, send five complimentary score reports to programs. For a fee, additional score reports are offered.Within 48 hours of receiving the exam's Official Score Report, send five complimentary score reports to programs. For a fee, additional score reports are offered.
Exam Attempts Allowed5 attempts in a year, 8 attempts in a lifetime5 attempts in 12 months, 8 attempts in their lifetime
Validity of Scores5 years5 years
Availability of AppointmentsAppointments can be made up to 7 days a week at a test center or around the clock for online exams for online exams. Can be scheduled up to 6 months aheadAppointments can be made up to 7 days a week at a test center or around the clock for online exams for online exams. Can be scheduled up to 6 months ahead

How to Register/Apply for GMAT?

To register for the GMAT test candidates will have to create an account on the GMAC official site. After logging in to the created account they will be able to schedule an appointment through the web scheduling system. Once they have entered the necessary details during registration, they will be able to pay a fee for the test according to their country.

Students who need accommodations will be able to apply for them by filling out an accommodation request form available on the site. This has to be done before scheduling the test. The candidate will be able to use

Retake GMAT

Candidates who believe that they have underperformed in their first attempt at GMAT can always choose to take a retest which will give them a better hand at receiving good grades than before. It has been published by US News that the senior director of research and data science at GMAC has stated that 3/4th of test-takers improve their score in GMAT when they take a retest.

Validity of GMAT Scores

GMAT scores are valid for 5 years and will be available for reporting to institutions for a total of 10 years in all.

Preparing for GMAT

The different methods used by students to prepare for GMAT are as follows- Most candidates prefer to choose a method of self-study for the GMAT and prepare from the best prep books available on the market. Due to the consistency in the structure and syllabus of the test, this method is generally more cost-efficient than the others. It is recommended that candidates start preparing for the exam at least 4-6 months before the test date. Constant practice and review of full-length practice tests will aid them in scoring higher than they expect.

The most prominent online courses available for GMAT are- Candidates can use the following links to get the practice tests for GMAT

The solutions for the tests in PDF format are-


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