GRE Word List

There are several free and favorite lists available on the internet from "Barron's," "GRE Big Book." This list is exclusively compiled by our team, and we keep on adding important words. Try to learn as many words as you can.
Following words are arranged in increasing order of complexity.

GRE Word List - 1

introspection examining one's own thoughts and feelings
philanthropist one who loves mankind
antidote medicine used against a poison or a disease
strive to make great efforts, to struggle
ambidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equally well
retrospective Looking back on past
precursors a person or thing that precedes, as in a process or job.
introvert one who turns towards himself
gerontocracy government ruled by old people
ambiguous doubtful; uncertain
braggart boastful
aggravate make worse; irritate
entice attract, lure
alleviate make (pain) easier to bear
adorn add beauty; decorate
equilibrium state of being balanced
abhor to hate; to detest
connote Suggest or imply in addition to the precise, literal meaning
endeavor to make an effort, to try very hard
agile active; quick-moving
renovate restore something to better condition
curriculum course of study
malevolent malicious; evil; having or showing ill will
amalgamate mix; combine; unite societies
xenophile (zen-uh-fahyl) a person who is attracted to foreign peoples cultures
drowsiness feeling sleepy half asleep
stray wander lose one's way
disrobe undress
acumen Keen, quick, accurate insight or judgment
suffocate cause or have difficulty in breathing
sporadic happening from time to time
scent smell (especially pleasant)
sequence succession connected line of
audacious Bold
affinity close connection; relationship
animosity strong dislike
heterogeneous made up of different kinds
fragile easily injured broken or destroyed
legacy Bequest or inheritance
massacre cruel killing of a large number of people
appease make quiet or calm
submerge put under water liquid sink out of sight
adulteration making unpure; poorer in quality
combustion process of burning
premature doing or happening something before the right time
shunned avoided, kept away from
anguish severe suffering
apt well-suited; quick-witted
conceal hide keep secret
grumble to complain
indigenous native
offhand Without preparation or forethought
loll rest to sit or stand in a lazy way hang (dog's tongue)
correlate have a mutual relation
somersault rolling backward or forward (not sideways) movement
abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
edible fit to be eaten/not poisonous
extinguish end the existence of/wipe or put out
inquest Legal or judicial inquiry, especially before a jury and especially made by a coroner into the cause of someone.s death
surcharge additional load/charge
accolade praise; approval
conjoin to join together
timid shy easily frightened
opaqueness dullness/not allowing light to pass through
disallow refuse to allow or accept as a correct
abide be faithful; to endure
impermeable that cannot be permeated
console give comfort or sympathy to
warrant authority written order guarantee
acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval
extinct no longer active
reminiscent suggest something in the past
catalyst substance that causes speeding up
embezzle use in a wrong way for one's own benefit
shallow little depth; not earnest
clientele customers
brittle easily broken
negligent taking too little care
affable polite and friendly
salvage the saving of property from loss
moribund in a dying state; near death
relapse fall back again
dangle hand or swing loosely
ascend go or come up
asterisk the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters)
yarn tale story fibers for knitting
arrogance proud; superior manner of behaviour
divergence getting farther apart from a point
allegiance duty support loyalty
vigorous strong energetic
dwarf person much smaller the usual size
livid Furiously angry, enraged
rejuvenation becoming young in nature or appearance
fragrant sweet-smelling
judicious sound in judgment; wise
hospitable liking to give hospitality
odor smell
scribble write hastily
ameliorate improve; make better
poseur a person who attempts to impress by acting unlike himself
sawdust tiny bits of wood
narcissism Self-love
dullard a stupid, insensitive person
succumb yield, die
sluggard lazy slow-moving person
flop fail/move/fall clumsily
ingest take in by swallowing
reiterate say or do again several times
derivative unoriginal; obtained from another source
defer postpone
eloquence fluent speaking skillful use of language
clot half-solid lump formed from liquid
commuter person who travels regularly
weigh measure hoe heavy something is
steeply rising or falling sharply
torque twisting force causing rotation
benefactor person who has given help
moderation quality of being limited; not extreme
plea request
invincible too strong to be defeated
enduring lasting
flimsy lacking solidarity, strength
tadpole form of a frog when it leaves the egg
turmoil trouble disturbance
sanity health of mind soundness of judgment
cryptic secret with a hidden meaning
gallant brave,behaves well with women
endorse write one's name on the back of
sponge porous rubber for washing live at once expense
volatile changeable inconstant fickle unstable explosive
alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior
reconcile settle a quarrel restore peace
fission splitting or division (esp. of cells)
commemorate keep the memory of
gait a manner of walking, stepping, or running
dormant in a state of inactivity but awaiting development
shard A piece of broken pottery
chisel steel tool for shaping materials
encapsulate enclose in capsule
complaisant trying to please; obliging
grievous causing grief or pain; serious dire grave
hypocrisy falsely making oneself appear to be good
enzyme catalyst
eradicate get rid of pull up by the roots
infuriate fill with fury or rage
Lambaste attack verbally
sanction approval (by authority) penalty
engulf swallow up
euphoria elation state of pleasant excitement
renowned celebrated; famous
colloquial involving or using conversation.
evoke call up bring out
mischievous harmful; causing mischief
implicit implied though; not plainly expressed
abysmal extreme bad
dote show much fondness center one's attention
riddle puzzling person or thing
misogynist one who hates women/females
disproof proof to the contrary
sadastic Cruel
impromptu without preparation
inclined directing the mind in a certain direction
erratic irregular in behaviour or opinion
meticulous giving great attention to details
ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings
pertain belong as a part have reference
auxiliary helping; supporting
constrict make tight or smaller
luminary star; light-giving body
ossified turned to bone; hardened like bone; Inflexible
tonic something giving strength or energy
perish be destroyed decay
presentiment anticipatory fear; premonition
indistinct not easily heard; seen clearly marked
dupe cheat make a fool of
abstruse difficult to comprehend; obscure
turbulence being uncontrollably violent
connoisseur a person with good judgement (e.g.. in art)
aberration straying away from what is normal
extralegal outside the law
pest destructive thing or a person who is nuisance
parenthesis sentence within another one something separated
sophisticated complex; subtle; refined
ail to cause pain, uneasiness, or trouble to.
limp lacking strength; walking unevenly
arcane known or understood by very few
mite A very small amount, portion, or particle
edify instruct; correct morally
recuperate become strong after illness loss exhaustion
satiate satisfy fully
yeoman man owning small estate; middle-class farmer
fidelity loyalty accuracy
pluck pull the feathers off pick (e.g.. flowers)
perjury willful FALSE statement unlawful act
paradigm a model example or pattern
gullible easily gulled
sobriety quality or condition of being sober
tractable easily controlled or guided
writ written order
mesmerize hypnotize
predominate have more power than others
articulate speak distinctly; connect by joints
fleet number of ships; quick-moving
solvent of the power of forming a solution
dislodge move force from the place occupied
partisan one-sided committed to a party biased or prejudiced
spear weapon with a metal point on a long shaft
vivacious lively high-spirited
beguile mislead or delude; cheat; pass time
coagulation change to a thick and solid state
foolproof incapable of failure or error
liberality free giving; generosity
elaborate worked out with much care in great detail
brass yellow metal (mixing copper and zinc)
permeate spread into every part of
malleable yielding easily shaped; moldable; adapting
suffice be enough
lampoon publicly mock or ridicule
immutable that cannot be changed
forgery counterfeit
patron regular customer person who gives support
cordial warm and sincere
retrograde receding
cumbersome burdensome; heavy and awkward to carry
sheath cover for the blade of a weapon or a tool
repel refuse to accept/cause dislike
unscathed unharmed unhurt
superimpose put something on the top
boisterous noisy; restraint
implosion collapse; bursting inward
centurion leader of a unit of 100 soldiers
knit draw together; unite firmly
pivotal of great importance (others depend on it)
enigma something that is puzzling
buoyant able to float; light-hearted
jabber talk excitedly; utter rapidly
treacherous not to be trusted, perfidious
bewilder puzzle; confuse
stride walk with long steps
garrulous too talkative
redeem get back by payment compensate
calipers metal supports attached to the legs measuring instrument
impede hinder; get in the way of
resuscitation coming back to consciousness
apartheid brutal racial discrimination
concur agree in opinion happen together
indulgent inclined to indulge
recitals a number of performance of music
woo try to win
misanthrope person who hates mankind
evasive tending to evade
eulogy formal praise panegyric
foster nurture; care for
pilferer to steal, especially in small quantities
refine make or become pure cultural
dexterity skill (esp. in handling)
bogus sham; counterfeit; not genuine
incongruous out of place; not in harmony or agreement
multifarious varied; motley; greatly diversified
skit short piece of humorous writing
repulsive causing a feeling of disgust
hapless unlucky

There are around 1300 words which we think are essential for GRE. All words have explanation and usage examples.

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