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TOEFL TestTest of English as a Foreign Language. Many Universities and colleges around the world use it's score to judge test taker's English skills.
IELTSInternational English Language Testing System. It's very similar to TOEFL. It's popular in UK, Australia & Canada. It's score is also used for immigration purposes (in some countries)
Duolingo English Test It is a language proficiency test that is similar to both TOEFL and IELTS in its format and is being readily included by universities and colleges as a credible form of testing language skills. The test is gaining popularity among students and universities alike due to the difficulty levels it performs in and also due to its cost-efficient nature.
SAT TestIt's used in US to check student's readiness for college (BS degree)
GRE TestGraduate Record Examination. It's used to get admission to MS and PhD programs. It's very popular in US and Canada.
GMAT TestUsed to get admission to MBA programs.
ACT Test Is a test for high school achievement and college admissions in the US. It's gaining popularity and competitor of SAT.
LSAT TestLSAT score is used to get admission to Law schools. It measures reading and verbal reasoning skills which law schools can use to assess applicants.
USMLE TestThe United States Medical Licensing Examination.
MCAT TestThe Medical College Admission Test assess problem solving, critical thinking, and science concepts and principles which are prerequisite to the study of medicine in USA.
PSAT TestThe Preliminary SAT(PSAT). Used to grant scholarship.
GED TestGeneral Educational Development Test.
TOEICTest of English for International Communication, It's score is used to show communication skills in professional environment.
TASCTest Assessing Secondary Completion In a bid to offer an opportunity to adults interested in completing a high school diploma.
ASVABArmed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test
B2 First is an exam offered by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations in England.
TESOLTeaching English to speakers of other languages
PTE AcademicEnglish test for studying abroad and immigration
Praxis TestsPraxis tests may be required before, during or after the teacher training courses, depending on the state you are in. The ETS administers it.
CELPIPThe Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or the CELPIP is an English language exam given by aspiring candidates for proving their English language proficiency.

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