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The MCAT or the Medical College Admission Test is a multiple-choice, standardized examination, which has been designed for assessing the examinee's critical thinking, problem solving, and knowledge about concepts of science and related principles and writing skills, which are all a prerequisite for medicine study. Scores in this test are reported in Verbal Reasoning, Physical Science, Biological Sciences and the Writing Sample section.

Almost all the medical schools in the U.S. need the applicants to submit their scores of the MCAT exam. A lot of schools don't accept the MCAT scores, which are 3 years old or more.

Eligibility for Registration

One might appear for MCAT examination if they're prepping for applying to a health professions institution/school. These schools will include the below mentioned kinds of schools:
When registering, one would be needed to admit a statement, which would verify their intention of applying to this health professions University/school. However, if you're not really applying to any health professions institution/school, or in case currently you're a recruited medical student, then you might get a 'special permission' for registering for this exam.

Testing Eligibility

One might take up this MCAT examination up to 3 times in 1 calendar year; however, you can register for just 1 test at any given point of time.

For International Students

For an international student, he/she can take the exam provided they meet the requirements eligibility mentioned above. If, you have a degree in MBBS or are in the program, then you could register for the exam without taking any special permission.

A Brief about the Test Structure
The section about Physical Sciences covers subjects such as physics and inorganic chemistry.

The section about Verbal reasoning is nothing associated with the field of medicine normally. There is a passage provided in this section and the examinee is required to get potential answers from the passage itself for the various questions that have been asked.

There are 2 essays that need to be written down on a provided statement in the Writing Sample section.

The Biological sciences section has Organic Chemistry related questions.

MCAT preparation for the Science Related Section
The section of Physical Sciences measures one's domination of general chemistry and basic physics concepts. Where as the section of Biological Sciences assesses one understands of organic chemistry and biology related concepts. In each section you have about seven to nine passages and each of these passages is nearly 250 words long and states a problem or a situation. Most questions are generally attached to 1 of these mentioned passages; however some are also independent of the passages. The questions in this section are all multiple choice.

MCAT preparation for the Writing and Reading Section
The section of Verbal Reasoning judges one's ability of understanding, analyzing, applying, and evaluating information/data from a given prose passage. The questions are all multiple choice in nature and each of the questions is normally attached to 1 of the given 5-6 passages. All the passages are nearly 500 words in length and cover different topics that range from social sciences and humanities to natural sciences, which aren't covered in the other MCAT sections. You don't have to have any prior knowledge for answering these questions as only one's ability of reading and understanding these passages is tested.

The section of Writing Sample consists of 2 essays and each essay in this section is to be written in reply to what's called a 'prompt' - which comprises of a particular topic sentence along with instructions for 3 writing tasks that one is required to finish within the given essay. The 1st task will be of explaining the statement given and the remaining 2 tasks vary with every prompt. The essays you write would be evaluated on how clearly the build up of a fundamental idea is, along with how well the essays combine complex, multiple ideas together, how clearly composed they are, as well as how your essays adhere to the standard grammar, usage and punctuation rules.

International Test Dates
To know all about the Test Date for the MCAT exam 2014/15, in Canada and U.S and internationally, you can check out the website:

Test scoring for MCAT

For every section, you'll get 'scaled' scores. For the Verbal Reasoning, Biological Sciences and the Physical Sciences sections, the range of the scaled scores is between 1 and 15. Each Writing Sample section essay is actually scored by 2 different readers and each of the readers assigns the essay a score between 1 and 6. The raw total score then is converted in to scaled score - a letter between J and T, J being the lowest and T being the highest achievable score on the scale. You can get the report of your score post 30 days approximately after giving your MCAT exam.

Please note : Writing Sample section will no longer be part of 2014/1015 exam.

Test Duration

Physical Sciences Section 70 min
Verbal Reasoning Section 60 min
Writing Sample Section 60 min
Biological Sciences Section 70 min

The total time given for completing the whole test is 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Test Centers
The test centers for giving the MCAT exam are located almost across all the states as well as there are test centers in Canada. To know more about the test centers in your state or a particular state, check out the website mentioned above.

Test Fee
The Regular Registration fee for the MCAT test is approximately $240.

The fee structure is given below:
The fee above isn't refundable in case of registration cancellation and this fee is also added up to the so called 'Regular Registration' fee. International sites for MCAT include all the countries, territories or provinces except Guam, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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