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Last Updated: July 11, 2021

Transfer Credits/ Courses to Other Universities

Candidates who wish to change universities after their first semester or their first year of college will often have the option of transferring their course credit to their new university thereby not losing the entire year of learning they have already done. Transfer credits are usually considered during admission for both diplomas and degrees and are often part of the eligibility requirements that colleges have.

Though there can be different factors for a candidate to transfer from one college to another, there is a possibility that candidates will not be able to transfer their credits due to the difference in educational management in both universities. These differences can be in the transfer policy each university has or in the curriculum chosen by the institution. It can also be because the courses opted for are not comparable with each other.

General Requirements for Transferring Credit

Most the Universities allow transfer of credit from one University to another. The basic requirements for transferring credits is the same for different universities but at the same time, each university will have their own credit transfer policy that the students have to enquire about before they leave an institution and before they join another institution. They should also have an account of how many courses they did have enough credits which are transferable to the course they are about to do. The requirements are-

Steps to Transfer Credits from University

While it cannot be guaranteed that every student who applies for credit transfer will be able to receive it, candidates who take the right steps while trying to transfer credits definitely have a higher chance of transferring credit.

Criteria for Transferring Credits of Graduate Programs

The policy for transferring credits in graduate programs is essentially different from that of undergraduate programs. This is mainly because, during undergraduate programs, candidates usually take transferable credits from local universities while in high school and hence will have a minimum number of differences in the curriculum and courses they wish to transfer credit for. Due to the highly specific nature of courses in graduate programs, most courses that candidates wish to transfer will not have a similar curriculum or method of study in the new college which will lead to the credits being non-transferable. The general criteria that most colleges follow for transferring graduate study credits are-

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