Biotechnology is one of the rapidly growing sectors around the world. It offers a combination of technology and innovative approaches that deal with research and development in the field of sciences. It is interdisciplinary and diverse in nature with tremendous opportunities designed for those students who are high achievers.



There are various job opportunities available with many different companies in various industries upon graduation. While some jobs do require a graduate level degree (because of their need for qualified personnel who are experts in their field), most jobs can be joined after an undergraduate degree (a training period will be present before starting the job). The many different areas of possible work are:
Biotechnology makes a significant appearance in every field of science, and the job opportunities are abundant in this field with great pay scales all around the world.

Popular occupations and Salary

OccupationType of DegreeMedian Salary
Agriculture/Food Science Technician Associate Degree $40,000
Forensic Science Technicians BS Degree $58,000
Medical Scientists PhD or Professional degree $82,000
Microbiologists BS Degree $70,000
Epidemiologists Graduate degree $70,000

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