Student Visa Australia

Visa Requirements

Intent of Stay

Your intent of stay must be genuine and must fulfill the GRE requirement which clearly states that you will return to your country of origin once your course period gets over.

Financial Ability

For Masters and Doctorate Courses
Showing proper documents showcasing your financial ability to stay and study in Australia is mandatory. You must provide evidence from acceptable sources highlighting your ability to bear all the expense while studying in Australia.

Health (Medical) requirements

Individuals applying to study in Australia must meet the health insurance requirements specified in the Migration Regulations. Any family member included along with the Student Visa application are also required to satisfy health requirements. You can find an approved eClinic in your country as they are approved to submit health results electronically (eMedical).

To be covered for health insurance, you will have to pay the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and any family members traveling with you. Students from Norway and Sweden do not need to obtain OSHC if they are covered by acceptable health insurance schemes from their home countries.

Character Certificate

As an international student applying for a Australian Student Visa, it is very important that you hold a good character certificate. Students with any criminal record will not be granted visa, hence, its mandatory to submit police clearance certificate while applying for Australian Study Visa. More information on requirements are here

English Language Requirements

Your proficiency in English will play a deciding factor in getting your Australia Study Visa approved. You might also have to provide a proof about your proficiency in English Language, like TOEFL/IELTS score. If you are planning to study English course in Australia then you might have to do more paperwork to show your genuine intent of stay.

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