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USA Cost, financial aid facts

The cost of the study per year (tuition and fees, does not include living expenses) in USA varies from $5000 to $50000 (might be much more for MBA/Medical and some other programs) per year. The cost of living depends on the location. For example states like Washington, California and areas around New York is expensive. In general cost of living for students from countries like India, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan may vary from $6000 to $20000 (per year). It is assumed that students will live in shared apartments, live out of campus and have less telephone bills and other expenses are at bay. Some of the living expenses can be met while working on campus jobs. The hourly pay for on-campus job varies from $7(min. wage) to $15 per (sometimes it may be $20 or more) hour depending on type of work. Major portion of you expenses are apartment rent and utilities(heat + electricity + cable + phone etc). Getting financial aid is quite important otherwise it's not easy to cover up your expenses + tuition fees (even if you do summer internship it's hard to cover entire cost of education)!

Working on Campus

Foreign students (f1 visa) can work for 20 hrs per week and 40 hrs per week during summer. Students may be allowed to work out of campus (internship) after nine months(2 semesters) of their arrival in America. Students receiving any type of aid like TA/RA/Fellowship or GA need not have to worry about costs. Students not receiving any kind of financial aid must be prepared for tuition fees and living cost for initial 2-3 months (also please note : getting on-campus job might take some time.. earlier you come the better). In some universities like University of Missouri-Tech and University of Texas Arlington there is huge shortage of P/T jobs (why? because these are university towns and everyone is looking for P/T job on campus). So students planning to go to these universities must either have scholarships or adequate funds. It's better to contact current students via email for latest information. In some universities students can pay the fees of their last semester after graduation.

Some Universities may grant tuition waiver after first semester (if performance in 1st semester is good). It is also possible that some other department may offer scholarship (Like you might be doing MBA but you might find a software job in Medical college and they might offer you scholarships).

See where money goes

The General Test is US ~$205 for individuals testing in the United States, U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico, US $221 for individuals testing in China, including Hong Kong, Korea, and Taiwan, and US $205 for individuals testing in all other locations.

TOEFL Costs around $170 (fees varies by region).

Tuition fees for some Universities. Cheap Universities - Low cost universities

Texas A&M, University of Texas at Austin, Iowa State University, University of Utah are really good and one of the cheapest universities in USA.
University Tuition Fees(USD/yr)* More+
University Of Texas at Dallas 15500(Out-of-State)
Very Few P/T jobs are available. Normal cost of Living.
University of Texas at Arlington 12500(Out-of-State)
Very Few P/T jobs are available. Normal living costs.
NJIT 20500(Out-of-State)
Financial aid is tough. Cost of living little is higher.
Texas A&M University 11000(Out-of-State) Normal cost of Living. Financial aid generally given after one sem.
Arizona State University 21000(Out-of-State)
Financial aid is avg.
University of Arizona 20000 (Out-of-State)
6500 (In-State)
Chances of getting funding is better after one sem.
Illinois Institute of Technology 14000 Financial aid is tough
University at Buffalo - SUNY 13000(Out-of-State)
Less financial aid... good for Ph.D.
Ohio State University 26000(Out-of-State)
Financial aid generally after one sem.
University of South California 26000 Very Few aid opportunities (almost none for MS). Get Financial aid in beginning or You should have enough funds.
University of Cincinnati 24000(Out-of-State)
Good at financial aid. Good Location. Most MS Students are supported.
University of Illinois, Chicago 27000(Out-of-State)
15000 (In-State)
Financial aid requires good GRE/GPA. Good Location.
University of Florida 24000(Out-of-State)
Reputed University. Nice Location. Good Placements.
Clemson University 16000(Out-of-State)
Ok aid Scene. Respected.
University of Missouri-Rolla 11000 Excellent in Electromagnetics. Fair aid Scene. Respected.
Wayne State University 16000(Out-of-State)
Cheap. P/T available easily.
Washington State University 20000(Out-of-State)
Good aid Scene.Respected. Excellent Location
University of Wisconsin-Madison 26000(Out-of-State)
Top Ranked University.
Portland State University 14000(Out-of-State)
Good for VLSI. Good location for VLSI.
University of Dayton 12000 Good for Aerospace. No application fee.
North Carolina State University 20000(Out-of-State)
Excellent location. Ranked University.
Drexel University 25000 Good location.
University of Utah 14000(Out-of-State)
good for EE/CS.Cheap. Respected
University of Houston 10000 (out-of-state)
Good for Telecom. Excellent Location.
University of North Carolina Charlotte 15500(Out-of-State)
Fair aid scene.

Cheap Canadian Universities/Colleges
The Cost is in US$ and Includes Tuition and Fees (for 2 semesters/one yr.)

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