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Computer Science

Statement of Purpose

After scrutinizing my interests, past training and final ambition, I have decided to pursue masters in Computer Science, in my field of interest which is Computer Graphics, which will lead me to a career of teaching and research. I have described my academic background, research interests and career goals in this essay.

I have successfully passed every academic milestone of my education by always ranking first or second in my class. I stood 250th out of 500,000 candidates in an entrance examination for my undergraduate admission at Indian Institute of Technology. I was also ranked 7th in the National Mathematics Olympiad.

The undergraduate program at the Indian Institute of technology provided me with a strong foundation of Computer science and exposed me to various fields of it. I have always been interested in visualization problems, which eventually led to an inclination towards Computer Graphics. I enhanced my knowledge more by opting graduate level electives in Advanced Computer Graphics. I currently am working on my senior thesis which is Triangulation in 3D dimensions, under the guidance of Dr. AAA. In this thesis, (details about your thesis ). In my third year, I published a paper ...under the guidance of Dr. YYYY. Here we focused on issues which are present in the .....('summarize your research')

At Indian Institute of Technology, I even took a teaching experience. I delivered the lecture, conducted workshops in Linux and have been TA for a course in Computer Graphics. This boosted in me a confidence which is a key to be successful as a teacher.

Even though my period at Indian Institute of Technology has provided me with a strong foundation in my field, a reputed graduate program is necessary to increase my knowledge and also to shape me into a good teacher as well as researcher. I believe that I have strong dedication and motivation required for a successful career in this field.

The program at ... University is suited for my goals as the Computer Graphics is a strong area of research at your university. I have found ... faculties and their research quite impressive. I believe that to be associated with these faculty would give me a great opportunity to pursue my career in research. I have also been astonished by the facilities available at your university for this field. My undergraduate professor has also backed my decision to pursue my higher education at your renowned university. I am confident that given an opportunity, I will be proved useful and could make a significant contribution to a going research. I look forward to joining ... university as a graduate student at Computer science department.

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