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Colleges Offering Rolling Admission - What is Rolling Admission - Benefits - Priority Deadline

Colleges Offering Rolling Admission While applying to universities, one will notice that there are different admission processes opted for by different universities. Each educational institution will follow its own criteria for ...

Decision Dates- Early Action - Early Decision - Regular Admission - Decision Notification Dates

Decision Dates for College Admission The universities in the US have two kinds of admission processes which are chosen by the university themselves. Either they can have a regular admission process ...

Average AP Score - Scoring in AP Exam - Calculating AP Score - Average AP Subject Scores

Average Advanced Placement Score Advanced Placement Exams or AP exams are taken by high school students before entering college. The exams are of college level and are generally conducted in May. ...

Different Options - Cost - Advantages - Disadvantages - On-Campus vs Off-Campus - Safety Concerns

On-Campus vs Off-Campus Living Students who have enrolled in universities away from home will be immediately pressed with the different options they have of staying close to the institution. While the ...

Study in Atlanta - Benefits - Places to Stay - Cost - Programs - Universities - Entertainment

Study in Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the country and is also a place where tourists from around the world flock over for the entertainment they ...

Community Service Projects - Benefits - Steps to Organize - List of 99 Projects

Community Service Projects Community Service Projects are small deeds of kindness that one chooses to do for the community irrespective of their age or social status. Most of the time, it ...

Public vs Private Universities - Benefits - Differences - Choosing Between Public and Private Univer

Public vs Private Universities Students who have completed their schooling will be eventually facing the question of taking up higher education for better career prospects in their life. An undergraduate degree ...

Study in Montreal, Canada - Places to Stay - Cost - Programs - Universities - Entertainment

Study in Montreal, Canada Montreal is a city located in Quebec and is one of the most popular study destinations in Canada among international students. The city has over 11 universities ...

Study in Ontario - Benefits - Popular Cities - Cost - Programs - Universities - Entertainment

Study in Ontario, Canada Ontario is a province in Canada and is also one of the most popular student destinations in Canada. Though the place is relatively more expensive than other ...

Study in Raleigh - Places to Stay - Cost - Programs - Universities - Entertainment

Study in Raleigh, North Carolina Raleigh, or the City of Oaks, is known for the scenic beauty that the lines of oak trees provide to the city. Students who love to ...

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