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Last Updated: November 21, 2023

ACT Score Reports

ACT prepares three different reports for each examinee.

Releasing ACT Score Online

The Student Report or the online release of ACT scores for the multiple-choice section is usually after 2 weeks of the test date. If one takes the optional Writing test, the writing score will be available for online viewing about 2 weeks after the multiple-choice section scores have been posted.

The scores are officially released after the writing scores have been added, usually 3 to 8 weeks after the test date.

Official Test Score Release

The High School receives the test report around the same time as the student. They can also access an online image of the writing essay along with the reader's comments. The high school then uses the report to analyze the student's weaknesses and strengths. The student can work on their weaknesses and the school uses the results to improve the curriculum.

The College Report is sent to the four colleges or scholarship agencies the student had requested initially. In addition, the student can choose two more colleges to send the score to. The college report is ready within a week of scoring or when the student orders it. It is sent depending on the said college's schedule. Most colleges accept results every two weeks. Colleges can also access the online writing essay image and view the reader's comments.

ACT score helps colleges in the admission process; offers papers to students depending upon their strengths and weaknesses during the first year; provides academic advice and part-time employment; identifies candidates for scholarships and loans.

Delay in Receiving ACT Score

If there is a delay in receiving ACT scores beyond the above-mentioned time frame, the reasons can be as follows:

Getting Score Reports

Students can view their scores online through their MyACT account when they become available. Although it can occasionally take up to eight weeks, multiple choice test results are typically available two weeks following the date of each national exam. Typically, writing results are made available two weeks following multiple-choice results. If students take the writing test, their writing scores must first be added before their overall results can be formally released. Scores are available 3-8 weeks after the test dates that correspond.

All results are viewable on a PC, tablet, or mobile device thanks to MyACT's responsive design. Students can choose to submit their superscore or score reports from the particular test event when they choose who to send their scores to. Using the print feature of their browser, students can obtain an unofficial copy of their ACT results. Official reports cannot be substituted with this printed report.
NOTE: Scores are ONLY available online and NOT via phone, email, fax, or chat.

Understanding ACT Score Report

The range of scores on the ACT exam is 1 to 36. There are raw scores and composite score reports in the score report. First, the number of test questions that students correctly answered is tallied. For wrong answers, there is no deduction of points. The number of right answers on each test, or the raw scores, are then translated into "scale scores." Each test score (reading, science, math, and English) and the Composite score range from 1 (low) to 36 (high). The average of a candidate's four test results, rounded to the closest whole number, is their composite score.

The total number of questions in each reporting category, the total number of questions that students correctly answered, and the percentage of questions that were answered correctly are all included. The College and Career Readiness Standards of ACT as well as other standards that address college and career readiness are aligned with the ACT reporting categories. The average composite score for the class of 2022 was 19.8 out of 36, which indicates that students who receive a score of 20 or higher are above average.

Additional Score Report

ACT scores are sent to the four universities that the student selected upon registration. Students can choose to send their scores to two additional colleges before or after the ACT. The scores are sent to all the colleges after all the scores have been compiled.

ASR can be applied for during ACT registration. However, the fee for ASR is not included in the Standard Registration process and has to be paid for separately.


In this method, ACT finds an average of the candidate's four best subjects from all their test attempts. ACT then provides the superscore along with at least one composite score and all the scores that were considered to be part of the superscore composite. ACT scores are sent to the four universities that the student selected upon registration. Students can choose to send their scores to two additional colleges before or after the ACT. The scores are sent to all the colleges after all the scores have been compiled.

According to the ACT, super scoring enables colleges and universities to predict a candidate's first-year grades better than other scoring methods.

Receiving a Copy of Questions and Answers

The student can request to receive a copy of the questions, the answers, and the answer key if they apply for a Test Information Release (TIR). The TIR's price is $32.00 if the order is placed prior to the start of the test. Orders placed after the test will cost $40.00.

In the case of the Writing Plus test, a copy of the essay, scoring rubric, and scores given by both readers will also be included. TIR can be ordered either during registration or until six months after the test date.
Eligibility for TIR (Test Information Release):

Cancelling ACT Scores

ACT can cancel the test scores if they feel that the scores are invalid. If ACT finds uncanny similarities in the answers of different examinees or if there is any indication that the examinee may have advanced knowledge about the test booklet, ACT holds the right to withhold the ACT testing score and to conduct an Individual Score Review.

ACT initiates this process by sending an official letter stating the reasons behind considering misconduct during the test. Failure to respond to the letter/mail will result in the cancellation of the ACT score that is under review.

Scores can be voluntarily canceled by the candidate as long as the candidate did not take the test under District, State, or On-campus testing programs. In this case. ACT will cancel the score on request and also notify the recipients about the cancellation of the score. The scores will not be reinstated if the candidate wishes to do so later.

Re-Evaluating the ACT Score

Students can request for their results to be re-evaluated within 12 months of the test date by printing and filling out the Request for Score Verification form and mailing it along with the required amount to:
ACT Customer Care
PO Box 414
Iowa City, IA 52243-0414, USA
The check payable to ACT Customer Care for $58.00 for the verification of multiple-choice test results. $58.00 for verifying test results through writing. $116.00 for the verification of test results for both writing and multiple-choice should be enclosed in the letter.
The results are re-scored by ACT, and the updated results are informed within 3-5 weeks of receiving the request. In case of a change in score, the updated score is sent to all the concerned parties, and the re-scoring fee is refunded.

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