ACT Scoring

Scores are ONLY available online after logging into ACT account and NOT via phone, email, fax or chat.
ACT prepares three different reports for each examinee.

How long does it take to view scores?

ACT multiple choice section scores are available for viewing online within 2 weeks after the test date. If you take the optional Writing test, the writing score is available for online viewing about 2 weeks after the multiple choice score have been posted. The scores are officially released after the writing scores have been added, usually 2 to 8 weeks after the test date.

The high school receives the test report around the same time as the student. They can also access an online image of the writing essay along with the reader's comments. The high school uses the report to analyze the student's weaknesses and strengths. The student can work on their weaknesses. The school can also use the results to improve the curriculum.

The college report is sent to the four colleges or scholarship agencies the student has requested to initially. In addition, student can choose more colleges to send the score to. The college report is ready within a week of scoring or when the student orders it and is sent depending upon the said college's schedule. Most colleges accept results every two weeks. Colleges can also access the online writing essay image and reader's comments. ACT score helps colleges in the admission process; offer papers to students depending upon their strengths and weaknesses during the first year; provide academic advising and part time employment; identify candidates for scholarships and loans.

Problem viewing ACT score?

Sometimes the scores may not be available at the above mentioned time. There can be a delay in receiving the answer sheets from the test center. There might be a delay of 1-2 weeks if the test center is outside U.S., U.S. territories and Canada. If the student information on the answer sheet is incomplete or not consistent with the information on the admission ticket, the scores cannot be posted until the correct information has been verified. If some irregularity is reported at the test center, that results in further delay. Also, the students need to make sure that their dues are paid in full.

How to send additional scores?

The ACT scores are sent to the four universities that the student selected upon registration. Student can choose to send their scores to additional colleges before or after the ACT test. The scores are sent to all the colleges after all the scores have been compiled.
There are two types of reports:
RegularComplete requestProcessed within 1 week of request; Delivered in the next cycleTest Date after Sept 1, 2016 - $13
PriorityAbbreviated report; Complete report sent laterProcessed within 2 working days of request; Delivered by mail in 3-4 working daysTest Date after Sept 1, 2016 - $16.50
ArchivedRegular or PriorityRequire additional 1-2 days to processBefore Sept, 2016
Regular - $38
Priority - $41.50
Priority report is available only for institutions in Unites States. For institutions that accept only electronic reports may not review priority reports.Phone requests are always priority and require an additional $15.

There are 3 ways to make a report request.
OptionHow to requestPaymentReport
Online Login to ACT accountPay by credit cardRegular or Priority
PhoneCall 319.337.1313.Add $15 phone feePriority
MailSend the form & payment at ACT Student Services " Score Reports, PO Box 451, Iowa City, IA 52243-0451CheckRegular or priority
Any and all requests made cannot be cancelled and all the payments are non-refundable.

How to receive a copy of questions and answers?

The student can request to receive a copy of the questions, the answers, and the answer key if they request for Test Information Release (TIR). The request can be made at the time of registration or within 3 months of taking the test and costs $20. In case of Writing Plus test, a copy of the essay, scoring rubric and scores given by both the readers is also included.
The ACT Test Information Release Order Form needs to be mailed along with $20 check to:
ACT Test Information Release
PO Box 4008
Iowa City, IA 52243-4008

Retaking ACT

The ACT can be taken by a student up to 12 times, and they can decide which score they want to send to institutions. Only the score designated by the student will be sent to the schools.

How and when are scores cancelled?

ACT can cancel the test scores if they feel that the scored are invalid. If someone suspects a foul play, they can report anonymously by calling Test Security Hotline or reporting online.

Can the test be re-evaluated?

Students can request for their results to be regarded within 12 months of the test date by printing and filling out the Request for Score Verification form and mailing it along with the required amount to:
ACT Customer Care
PO Box 414
Iowa City, IA 52243-0414, USA
The check payable to ACT Customer Care for
$50 for multiple choice questions
$40 for writing essay
$90 for both tests
Should be enclosed in the letter. The results are re-scored by ACT, and the updated results are informed within 3-5 weeks of receiving the request. In a case of a change in score, the updated score is sent to all the concerned parties, and the re-scoring fee is refunded. The student can also request to be present at the time of multiple-choice responses verification at an ACT designated site for an additional charge.

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