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ACT English Test - 6

DIRECTIONS: In the passage that follows, certain words and phrases are underlined and numbered. In the right-hand column, you will find alternatives for the underlined part. In most cases, you are to choose the one that best expresses the idea, makes the statement appropriate for standard written English, or is worded most consistently with the style and tone of the passage as a whole. If you think the original version is best, choose "NO CHANGE." In some cases, you will find in the right-hand column a question about the underlined part. You are to choose the best answer to the question.

You will also find questions about a section of the passage, or about the passage as a whole. These questions do not refer to an underlined portion of the passage, but rather are identified by a number or numbers in a box.

For each question, choose the alternative you consider best. Read the passage through once before you begin to answer the questions that accompany it. For many of the questions, you must read several sentences beyond the question to determine the answer. Be sure that you have read far enough ahead each time you choose an alternative.

My first CPR class was nerve-racking. I realized that I may actually have to save someones life (1) at some point. I was scared that I may not be able to remember everything that the instructor said. Everyone in the class seemed much more confident than me. (2) Someone was getting their (3) license renewed. He was a security guard. I was really nervous and intimidated. When the instructor entered, she calmed my nerves. She had prepared some materials for us to use during the class and to take home to help us remember what we learned. She also had a good method for teaching. She taught us to do the repititions (4) to the beat of a song. Because the teacher was such a good instructor. I learned CPR, (5) and I felt confident about being able to help someone in need.
A) No change.
B) someone's life
C) someones' life
D) someone life

A) No change.
B) than myself
C) then me
D) than I

A) No change.
B) they're
C) his
D) her

A) No change.
B) repetitions
C) repitition's
D) repetition's

A) No change.
B) Because the teacher was such a good instructor; I learned CPR,
C) Because the teacher was such a good instructor, I learned CPR,
D) Because the teacher was such a good instructor, I learned CPR;

Samantha was always the last to be picked for any team. She only like (1) going to P.E. on days when the coach told them to walk the track. She often wrote excuses and signed them from her mother to get out of playing sports. But (2) this often caused her to get bad grades. One day a new girl joined her class. She weared (3) glasses that were thick (4). When they went to P.E., the new girl was picked last for the kickball team. Samantha was relieved, (5) but she felt bad for her, so she went over and introduced herself. They became great friends from that day forward.
A) No change.
B) likes
C) liked
D) is liking

A) No change.
B) sports; but
C) sports but
D) sports, but

A) No change
B) worn
C) wears
D) wore

A) No change.
B) glasses that are thick
C) thick glasses
D) thicker glasses

A) No change.
B) relived
C) releived
D) reilived

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