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Free ACT Math Test - 1

  • Actual ACT Math test has 60 questions which needs to be answered in 60 minutes.
  • You are allowed to use a calculator.
  • We have listed 10 sample questions which needs to be answered in 10 minutes. Practice questions are designed with same difficulty level as actual test.
  • You will receive a predicted score once you click on the "score" button.

1. When you turn a metal screw (one complete turn), the distance travelled by it (the distance the screw advances ) in a straight line is known as the "lead" of the screw. If the length of the screw is 2.5 cm, it has a "lead" of 1/16 cm. How many turns will be required to get the screw into a wall completely?
A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) 40
E) 50

2. A*B= 144, and A=30-B, and A>B.
Find the value of B-A?

A) -24
B) -20
C) -18
D) -6
E) -4

3. A pizza restaurant has a offer going where in a person can purchase one salad, one soup, one slice of pizza, and one drink for a combined price of $6. On offer are 5 types of salads, 2 types of soups, 4 types of pizzas, and 3 types of drinks. How many different combinations are possible?
A) 180
B) 120
C) 60
D) 30
E) 14

4. In the figure given below. Find the value of sin of angle C.

A) 10/26
B) 10/24
C) 24/26
D) 24/10
E) 26/10

5. The sales of a toy making company in China was 38 billion Yuan's in the year 2001. If the sales in the year 2000 was half of the sales in 2001, the sales in the year 2000 was 3 billion Yuan's more than in the year 1999. Find the sales of the toy making company for the year 1999.
A) 35
C) 20.5
D) 17.5
E) 16

6. A warehouse belonging to the company Coke has an explosion which causes the underground storage facility which is 150 feet deep to become completely filled with a number of liters of coke. If pumping out a underground storage facility of depth "A" requires a pump which can pump out, a minimum, of (A2/25) + 4A -250 liters per minute. What must be the pumping capacity per minute of pump to be used by Coke?
A) 1750
B) 1500
C) 1250
D) 800
E) 500

7. The length "A" (in mm), of a cardboard box is, 3 mm less than twice the width "B" (in mm) of the same box. Which of the following gives the length of the cardboard box in terms of its width (in mm)?
A) A = 2B-3
B) A=2B+3
C) A= B-3
D) A=B+3
E) A= 0.5 B +3

8. A typical college student consumes around 67.5 lb of sugar every year in the form of aerated drinks. The members of the college track team plan to lower this amount by a minimum of 20%. Assuming they stick to the plan, at the end of the year, at maximum how much sugar in pounds would they have consumed?
A) 66lb
B) 54lb
C) 48lb
D) 44lb
E) 14lb

9. When three vertices of a triangle are plotted on a graph, they have the following co-ordinate points:
I) (2,1)
Find the co-ordinate value of the fourth vertex?
A) (9,-3)
B) (8,-3)
C) (5,-1)
D) (4,-8)
E) (3, -7)

10. Between 1 and 11 find the number of irrational numbers?
A) Infinite
B) 0
C) 1
D) 10
E) 9

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