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ACT Math Practice Test - #2

1. Your personal plane averages 54 miles per liter of high oxygen plane fuel. If every liter of the fuel costs $8.08, which of the following is the amount you will need to spend on fuel, to travel a distance of 5454 miles.
A) $88.88
B) $218.16
C) $237.60
D) $816.08
E) $888.80

2. If A= 6x2-4y and B=4x2-6y, find the difference between the two if x=3 and y=5?.
A) 8
B) 28
C) 32
D) 40
E) 100

3. If 2x+3 = A and 3x-4= B, A=B, what is the value of x?
A) 7
B) 1/5
C) 1
D) -1/5
E) -7

4. For three numbers 420, 252, and 84. What is the greatest common factor?
A) 84
B) 42
C) 28
D) 12
E) 4

5. A right circular cone has a height of 8.5m and volume of 142 square m's. Find the radius of the cone?(Formula of volume of right circular cone is (1/3)*π*r2h).
A) 16m
B) 12m
C) 8m
D) 4m
E) 2m

6. A man is staying in city A, his wife is staying in city B which is 12 miles west and 9 miles south of city A. Find the distance between the two?
A) 225
B) 21
C) 15
D) √63
E) 3

7. 1/108...1/36...B...1/4...
In the above geometric series, find the value of B. (Geometric series means that the ratio must be constant between two consecutive terms of the series).

A) 1/3
B) 1/9
C) 1/12
D) 1/16
E) 1/18

8. Jack works in an Apple Store and gets an employee only 20% discount on all merchandise. During Christmas the price of the Apple I Pod is marked down from $200 by 30%. How much will Jack have to pay to purchase an I Pod?
A) $88
B) $100
C) $112
D) $140
E) $172

9. Find the degree measure of the smaller angle formed by a twelve hour clock when it strikes 4?
A) 105
B) 120
C) 135
D) 150
E) 165)

10. Find the diameter of a circle with circumference 32π.
A) √32
B) 8
C) 16
D) 32
E) 64

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