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ACT Math Test - 3

1. A Circle with centre (0,0) passes through a point (-3,-4) in the x,y co-ordinate plane. Which of the following corresponds to the equation of this circle?
A) (x)-(y)=1
B) (x)+(y)=25
C) (x)2+(y)=25
D) (x)2+(y)2=5
E) (x)2+(y)2=25

2. No matter the value of x and y (always an integer value), which of the following expressions will always yield a even integer?.
A) xy+x2
B) x+2y
C) 2x+y
D) 3x+3y
E) 8x+2xy

3. A school for special children has a total of 280 students who are either twelve years old or eleven years old. The total of the age of all the students of the school is 3238. How many students of the school are eleven years of age?
A) 208
B) 158
C) 132
D) 122
E) 55

4. A geometric figure has a square with side length 10mm, on each of its side it has a semicircle whose diameters are equal to the length of the square. Find the total area of the figure (approximately).
A) 730
B) 400
C) 260
D) 160
E) 100

5. y = x2-8x+16, find the x axis intercept value of the given functions graph?
A) -4
B) -2
C) 0
D) 2
E) 4

6.Assume that for all real numbers (non zero) a, b, c, and d the following holds true { (a/b)= (3/2) (c/d). }. Which of the following is equivalent to d?
A) b/2
B) 3ca/2d
C) 6bc/a
D) 3bc/a
E) 3bc/2a

7. A set of five numbers is such that their median is equal to their mean. If four of the numbers are 16, 14, 14, and 8, find the fifth of the number set?
A) 13
B) 14
C) 15
D) 16
E) 18

8. The variables a, b, c, d, and e represents positive real numbers, all the numbers are different. Given the following: 2.33*a=e,
0.00345*c=e &,
Which of the variables a, b, c, and d has the largest value?

A) a
B) b
C) c
D) d
E) Not Enough Information

9. Given the following equation 5/A+ (A+3)/(A+5) , which of the following equations is equivalent?
A) (A+8)/(2A+5)
B) (A+8)/(A(A+5))
C) (5(A+3))/(A(A+5))
D) (A2+3A)/(5A+25)
E) (A2+8A+25)/(A(A+5))

10. a(x) = x3+x and b(x) = 2x+3. Find (2[b{a(2)}]).
A) 14
B) 20
C) 34
D) 38
E) 46

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