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How to prepare admissions application

The first step is to prepare and give the test (GRE/GMAT/SAT, TOEFL). Do it as early as possible! Remember in some countries it's difficult to get dates (especially for TOEFL.) You probably know that you can send your GRE and TOEFL scores (completely free) to 4 universities. Before appearing in the test select 4 Universities (based on your expected score/academics). It's a good idea to select University in each top/second/third and fourth quarter. After giving your exam be cool and apply to Universities at your center online. In case if you forget to apply online don't panic and talk to a representative at your center and they will provide free score report form to be filled.

University Selection
Select Universities as follows-
Getting Recommendations
After Selection of Universities get their forms (Available on University's website) printed. There are some universities where the paper application is not available on the internet . You may email grad school for the problem. But it is advised to Apply Online. Some Universities accept Online Applications Only. Sometime Application packet are lost or reach the destination in months! Get checklist of Each University. Don't miss any required Documents. It is possible if you miss any document your application may not be forwarded to the Department you are applying. Get Recommendations from teachers (Prof.) of your department. The recommendation letters must have counter signature of Teacher. Most (Almost all) university require three recommendation letters. Some University requires two copies of each recommendation letter (Check it!). Never forget to tell your professor to write your class rank (of course if it's good).

Getting Transcripts
There has been lot of problem (if I am not wrong with Indian/Chinese Students) for transcripts. Get your transcripts sealed with University Officials (Some University require 2 sets of Mark sheet/Transcripts). It is advised that your transcripts are directly sent from your college (some universities accept letters and many universities are accepting online recommendation letters. Some Universities don't accept Mark sheet/Transcripts sent by you. (Some agree but wait for Transcripts and forward your application to department on or after deadline which may result in rejection). If you are going for Ph,.D. send transcripts from all your previous Colleges.
More on GPA

Preparing Packet
In each of your Application Packet there must be Statement of Purpose (Your SOP must clearly indicate your Major for MS, check major is available in University! Recommendations, Transcripts (if you are sending with packet), Financial Statement (Again some university say they require after Admission but it is advised to send the packet). Don't forget to send Resume, Details of your Project/Experience, Courses you have learned, Papers you have published...etc. Try to make a file of 10-15 pages! Finally send your packet.

What after sending packet?
After sending your packet don't be idle. Start mailing to the graduate advisor of corresponding Universality if he or she has received all documents. Many Universities have online system to track your application.
~Some Universities send their Selection/Rejection letter via post only.
~Some University do not respond via email even after admission.
~If You are getting late for I-20 (Sevis) You may request University to send Sevis I-20 via Courier Service (You may be charged around 50$).

Some common questions

I have given my GRE and TOEFL exam.. Which Universities should I apply?
We understand applying to college costs money .. around ~$150 (Application Fees + GRE/TOEFL score fees + shipping (especially for international Students).. well use Engineering College Finder

I am International student. How should I get started?

How to get admission to a top school?
As you know it's not easy.. several things mentioned below affects your chances... We believe GPA + GRE is a major contributor (for international students) unless you are a student from a well known University (Please note: Your school may be in top 20 in your country but professors in USA are not aware of all possible 1000 universities worldwide. They might know few well known Universities through their current students or if it's well known.

Will I get financial aid?
Again depends.. generally PhD students receive tuition waiver + monthly stipend which will cover all your expenses. MS (graduate) students may receive financial assistance (depending on

Getting in...

Letter of Intent


Money matters

Where to Study?