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Last Updated: March 23, 2021

Florida Bright Futures Requirements

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarships are provided every year by the Florida Legislature for both Florida Academic Scholars and Florida Medallion Scholars. This scholarship is financially supported by the Florida Lottery since 1997 and is a merit-based scholarship. It is awarded according to the number of credit hours the student attends every semester and covers nearly the entire college tuition according to the brilliance of the student.

The eligibility requirements for this scholarship are generally tricky and found to be time-consuming to crack. The information is split into different chapters for the requirements for different exams, for the requirements of non-traditional students, for stating the length of the scholarship awards and their amounts along with information regarding transferring the scholarship between institutions.

This page covers all the information regarding the different requirements for the test- initial eligibility requirement, the requirement to avail the award, and renewal requirements.

Types of Bright Future Scholarships

The Bright Futures Scholarship is of different kinds with each kind having different eligibility requirements and with each of them aiming at students with different requirements and eligibility. When some scholarships cover the entire college tuition, some others only cover 75% of the same.

General Requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship has specific requirements for each of its scholarships. At the same time, there are general requirements that must be met even to plan to apply for the same. There are-

Specific Eligibility Requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship

The Eligibility requirements specific for each scholarship is as follows-

Florida Academic Scholars and Florida Medallion Scholars

Candidates must either graduate from a public high school in Florida with a standard diploma/ graduate from a Florida dept of Education private high-school/ receive a GED/ finish home education or graduate from a non-Florida high school. The eligibility criteria include a required amount of coursework, GPA, ACT or SAT scores, and a certain number of service hours.
GPA- The GPA considered for Bright Futures Scholarship is the weighted high school GPA of the 16 college preparatory credits. Students can also choose to use additional credits from the same courses mentioned or from AP, IB, or AICE fine arts courses to meet the required GPA.

Entrance Exams- The ACT score considered is a composite score from all for subject areas- English, Math, Science, and Reading. The SAT score is a combination of the Reading, Writing, and Math sections. The additional writing scores are not considered for the scholarship. It is essential that students request that their official ACT/SAT score be sent to one of the 12 state universities in Florida while registering for the exam. Students are required to attempt only ONE of the standardized tests.

Service Hours- Ensure that the district school board (if a non-public school) has a system in place to calculate the service hours of students. Service hours include business or government internships, working for nonprofit community service, or other similar activities. The documentation of service hours must be signed by the student, their parent, and a member of the organization.

The student must also take the effort to identify a social or professional issue and develop an idea to address the issue through detailed study. They should present papers and write about the same by evaluating and reflecting upon the experience with tackling the issue at hand.

TypeGPAACT Minimum ScoreSAT Minimum ScoreService Hours
FAS3.50291330100 hours
FMS3.0025121075 hours

Coursework- The coursework required must be of 16 course credits in all. This includes English, Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, and World Language. The credits required for each of them are as follows
CourseCredit Score
Natural Science3
Social Science3
World Language2

Qualifying through Other Ways

Though the requirements mentioned above are the ones looked for in candidates, there are ways in which students can be eligible for the scholarship without fulfilling all the eligibility requirements. This is possible if students can compensate a few of them with other qualifications. The AICE and IB Diplomas mentioned have to be earned before high school graduation for them to be counted since their confirmations generally come late.
Merit Recognition ProgramACT ScoreSAT ScoreScholarship
National Merit Finalists and Scholars--FAS
National Merit Finalists and Scholars--FMS
National Hispanic Scholars--FAS
National Hispanic Scholars--FMS
AICE Diploma--FAS
AICE Diploma--FMS
IB Diploma--FAS
IB Diploma--FMS
AICE Curriculum291330FAS
AICE Curriculum251210FMS
IB Curriculum291330FAS
IB Curriculum251210FMS

Gold Seal Vocational Scholars

This scholarship given to students who have enrolled in technical education of certificate programs requires to meet these initial requirements-
Entrance Exams- Students can choose to give either the ACT, SAT or PERT exams where the PERT will be considered only for the GSV scholarship. It is essential that students request to send their scores to one of the 12 state universities or public high schools in Florida while applying for the test. The required scores in each of the subjects in these tests are as follows.

ExamSubjectScore Required
SATWriting and Language25

Gold Seal CAPE Scholars

The Goal Seal CAPE Scholarship is given to students who are enrolled in career education courses or certificate programs that are technical in nature. Students who have completed their associate in science program and moved on to a Bachelor in Science degree will be able to receive the scholarship for 60 credit hours for the Bachelor in Science degree. At the same time, students who have completed an associate in applied science will also receive a maximum of 60 credit hour scholarship for the Bachelor in Applied Science degree program.

The eligibility requirements for the same are-

Application Requirements for Non-Traditional Students

Students who have been home-schooled and students who have acquired a GED Diploma which is a high school equivalent in Florida have a separate requirement list when compared to other students. These requirements are-

Students from Home Education Program

The students who have been home-schooled must be registered with the district for the present year and the previous year to be able to qualify for the scholarship. At the same time, if the student has not been registered, having the required transcripts and test scores will make them eligible for the GED Diploma provision.

The requirements for home-schooled students are as follows-

General Educational Development (GED) Students

Students who have earned a high school equivalency diploma in Florida and want to be considered for the scholarship need to meet the coursework and grade point requirements before taking the GED exam. The documentation required to apply for the scholarship are as follows-

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