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Last Updated: April 06, 2022

Average Advanced Placement Score

Advanced Placement Exams or AP exams are taken by high school students before entering college. The exams are of college level and are generally conducted in May. Students who have scored above 3 in the subject of their choice will be able to receive college credit for the same. It also reflects as an added bonus in college applications since it proves that the student is capable of understanding college-level content.

Finding the average AP scores in every subject is often necessary for students who wish to choose a subject for the examination. While one must ideally go for the subject that they are passionate about and good at, it will not be practical for them to choose the subject if it has a below-3 average score. Students who analyze the average scores and choose a subject they are interested in which also has an above 3 average score every year will have a higher chance of getting more college credit.

Scoring in Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement exams are conducted as exams for different subjects. Students who clear this exam in any subject during their high school will be able to get extra credit in the college to which they are applying. They will sometimes receive better financial aid due to the score they have received or they will be provided with the option of taking up more electives than students normally can in their first year of college.

The score ranges between 1 and 5 with 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest. There is no pass or fail grade though colleges mostly only accept scores above 3 in any subject. This is also dependent on the difficulty of the paper the candidate has chosen. Universities are allowed to decide the cut-off for AP examinations by themselves. The score provided and their corresponding grade equivalent in college are as follows-
AP ScoreCollege Equivalent
3B-, C+, C
4A-, B+, B
5A+, A

Calculating Average AP Score

Unlike most competitive exams, The College Board has not set a pass or fail grade for AP examinations. This is mainly because high schoolers are taking college-level examinations which is not an easy task for any student nor a task of necessity. Since the exam allows students to advance their knowledge in their chosen field of study, it is highly recommended by most high schools. In DC, for instance, high schools are supposed to provide 8 AP classes every year for students, and students are highly encouraged to take the classes.

The AP exams are scored on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest score. Though there is no pass or fail grade, students who receive a score of 2 or below will not be receiving any college credit which is the whole reason for which students take the examination. The average AP score is based on the score that candidates have mostly scored.

Average/Mean AP Score by Test

The mean score for the different exams conducted in the year 2021 is as follows.
AP Test SubjectMean Score% with 3 or Higher
Art and Design- Drawing3.51 86.2
Art and Design- 2D3.4287.1
Art and Design- 3D3.0971.4
Art History2.8455.3
Calculus BC3.6275.2
Chinese Language- Total4.1188.2
Chinese Language- Standard2.9966.4
Computer Science A3.1265.1
Computer Science Principles2.9966.5
Economics Macro2.7451.3
Economics Micro2.9659.1
English Language2.8657.7
English Literature2.4743.9
Environmental Science2.6750.3
European History2.82 54.6
French Language- Total3.1371.3
French Language- Standard3.0169.0
German Language- Total3.0965.1
German Language- Standard2.7557.3
Govt. & Politics- Comparative3.1671.8
Govt. & Politics- US2.6250.4
Human Geography2.6952.5
Italian Language- Total3.2772.4
Italian Language Standard3.0668.7
Japanese Language- Total3.6174.3
Japanese Language- Standard2.6453.5
Music Theory3.0461.2
Music Theory- Aural3.0461.5
Music Theory- Non-Aural3.0361.0
Physics 12.4142.1
Physics 23.0665.3
Physics C E & M3.4569.5
Physics C Mechanics3.3873.5
Spanish Language- Total3.4180.0
Spanish Language- Standard3.2777.1
Spanish Literature2.9264.9
Statistics 2.8557.9
US History2.5247.2
World History2.7152.2

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