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Last Updated: November 20, 2023

Advanced Placement FAQs

The Advanced Placement Program provided by the College Board is gaining popularity among students because it allows students to take up intro-level college courses while in high school for a sum of $98 per subject. This is a great addition to their college applications since it proves that the student is capable of doing college-level academics while in school. It also lets the students graduate faster since they can skip the courses they have already taken.

Students opt to take as many courses as they can while focusing on their high school academics, extra-curricular activities, and ACT/SAT exams. This gives them extra credit in college and also helps prepare them for college by familiarizing them with the educational style in colleges beforehand. The importance of this course makes the confusion and questions regarding the course to be plenty. This page deals with the most frequently asked questions regarding AP courses.


What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in AP courses?

Most courses in the Advanced Placement Program do not have any prerequisites. This changes from course to course but it is generally recommended that the student should be able to comprehend college-level textbooks and write grammatically accurate sentences.

Is it necessary for the students to take the AP courses to take the AP exam?

No, students don't need to take AP courses to take the examination. They have the option of taking the examinations independently though it is recommended that they enroll in the courses considering the difficulty level of the subjects they plan to take.

What is the cost of an AP exam?

Registering for the AP exam costs $98 per subject in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools. Students will have to pay an increased sum of $128 for schools situated elsewhere. The College Board also offers a Capstone Diploma course that has a fee of $146 which does not include the 4 extra AP courses students will have to take to complete the course. The courses that the student is taking must be applied for separately and must also be paid for separately.

What is the eligibility for a fee waiver?

The eligibility for availing of a fee waiver is as follows-

How many times can a student retake the examination?

Students can retake the examination every year if necessary. All their scores will be included in their score report unless the student has specifically requested to withhold or cancel a few of their scores.

Can homeschooled students take the AP exam?

Homeschooled students are required to contact their nearest school which administers the AP exams and enquire whether they allow homeschooled students to test there. Students can then apply at the said school depending upon their deadlines and policies for receiving external applications.

What are the steps to take the Digital Exams?

The College Board has initiated the Digital Exam mode during the pandemic to help students take their AP exams. Students are no longer allowed to take the digital exam at home and are required to take the digital exam in school. The steps to follow to take the Digital Exam are-

Is the duration of the digital exams different from the paper and pencil exams?

No, the time duration allotted to the exam and the different sections of the exam will be the same for both digital exams and paper and pencil exams. The only difference will be in the questions where students were required to draw graphs and figures. In the digital exam, students will be required to answer questions about the graphs and figures provided instead of drawing them themselves.

What are the popular AP courses chosen by the students?

The top 5 AP courses chosen by students are AP English Language and Composition, AP United States History, AP English Literature and Composition, AP World History: Modern, and AP United States Government and Politics.

What is the benefit of taking AP courses?

After completing any AP course students are interested in, students get extra credits when applying to a university or college. Colleges require students to meet certain prerequisites before they can enroll in a course with them. The AP courses are aligned to meet those prerequisites. Nearly all universities in the US and Canada grant university credit to candidates who meet the qualifying exam requirements and their results are accepted in 60 other countries.

What are the devices used for the Digital Exam?

The exams are to be conducted on desktops or laptops that have Mac, Windows, or school-managed Chromebooks. Students will also be able to take the exam on shared devices and iPads as well.

What is the AP score required to earn college credit?

Students taking the AP exams are graded on a scale from 1 to 5 where they should get a minimum of 3 to pass the examination. Different colleges require different AP grades and this can be found on their official website. It is recommended that students aim for a 5 on every exam.

What is the procedure for sending scores after the test?

Students will be provided with the option of choosing the schools and colleges they want their test scores sent to during the examination. Students also have the option of sending their scores to different schools through their College Board account for an additional fee.

When will the scores reach the designated colleges?

The schools and colleges that were assigned to receive the score reports during the time of the examination will receive them within a month. Students can choose whether they need to send their score reports through the standard delivery or the rush delivery system if they are sending additional reports. The standard delivery will reach within 7-14 days and cost them $15 per report whereas the rush delivery will reach within 5-9 days and cost them $25 per report.

Advanced Placement Digital Exam 2023-2024 Updates

Can students take the Digital Exam at home?

The at-home option for taking digital exams was provided only in 2021. Due to the relaxations in restrictions placed during the pandemic, students used to be able to take the examination at their homes with their own devices. But now, students will have the option of taking the digital exam only in school. The proctoring and administration of digital exams occur in schools according to the same schedule as that of paper exams. They will be able to use their devices or the devices provided by the school for the same.

Which subjects are offered for the AP Digital Exams?

In 2023-2024, since the Digital Examinations are conducted in schools, only a few subjects are offered. These are:

Will the Digital Exams be similar to the paper and pencil exams?

The exam dates and times for both exams are the same along with the type and number of questions in every section. Since the exam will be conducted in the school, the testing environment will also be the same except that the exams will be held in separate rooms.

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