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Last Updated: March 04, 2022

Colleges with Late Application Deadlines in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular student destinations in recent times with the universities in the country providing both high-quality education and a relaxed ambiance that international students seek. Students who enroll in undergraduate or graduate programs in Canada will be able to extend their study permit to seek jobs in the country within their field of study. Though there are plenty of universities in the country offering varying degrees that are internationally recognized, it is a hard task for aspirants to keep track of all the admission procedures involved.

Candidates who are applying to colleges and universities in Canada will have to keep track of not only the application deadlines which are separate from the transcript submission deadline and review deadlines. Even though most universities will have a general deadline set for both undergraduate and graduate programs, the deadlines can be program-specific. In such cases, candidates are required to confirm the deadline with the official page of the department in question before applying.

General Application Deadlines in Canada

Universities and colleges in Canada have 3 intakes in all which are in the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer. Out of these 3 intakes, the Fall and Winter are most popular since the Summer semester is provided mostly for internships and short-term courses. The Summer semester is opted by students who wish to learn language courses and mostly by professionals who wish to stay for a brief period in the university.

Colleges with Late Application Deadlines

Below are the deadlines that students have to meet to apply to some of the popular colleges in Canada. Few of popular colleges provide delayed application deadlines, enabling both international and domestic students to apply even after majority of the colleges have stopped taking in the applications.

Fall Application Deadlines - UG

UniversityIntake Deadline-DomesticDeadline- InternationalApplication Fee
University of Ottawa FallMarch-JuneMarch-AprilCAD 110
McMaster UniversityFallJan-AprilJan-AprilCAD 59
University of AlbertaFallMarch 1March 1CAD 125
University of CalgaryFallMarch 1March 1CAD 125
Western UniversityFallFebruary 1March 1CAD 65
York UniversityFallJanuary 13March 1CAD 130
University of TorontoFall March 16 February 3CAD 180
University of MontrealFallFebruary 1February 1CAD 110
Queen’s UniversityFallFebruary 1 February 1CAD 110
University of WaterlooFallFebruary 1February 1CAD 125
McGill University FallJanuary 15 January 15CAD 125

Fall Application Deadlines - PG

UniversityIntake Deadline-DomesticDeadline-InternationalApplication Fee
University of CalgaryFallJuly 1July 1CAD 125 - 145
York UniversityFallMarch 1March 1CAD 130
University of MontrealFallFebruary 1February 1CAD 110
University of WaterlooFallFebruary 1 February 1 CAD 125
Western UniversityFall March 1-CAD 125

Spring Application Deadlines

The tentative dates for spring intake application deadlines in universities are as follows-
UniversityApplication Deadline
Lakehead UniversityApril 1
University of MontrealFebruary 1
The University of British ColumbiaJanuary 15
University of TorontoJanuary 13
University of WaterlooDecember 1

Winter Application Deadlines

The estimated application deadlines for the winter intake are the following in universities
UniversityDomestic DeadlineInternational Deadline
University of MontrealSeptember 1September 1
McGill UniversitySeptember 1July 15
University of WaterlooSeptember 1September 1
The University of British ColumbiaJanuary 15
Lakehead UniversityNovember-December-
York UniversityNovember 1November 1

Application Deadlines of Some Colleges in Canada

University of Alberta

The Fall admissions for undergraduate programs begin in October and overlap with the Spring/Summer applications in December. Students will be able to apply to the university until March 1st for undergraduate programs. But at the same time, other programs may have different application deadlines. For instance, the deadline for the Juris Doctor program in Law is March 31st. Students are required to visit the web page for their program separately before applying to any program to confirm the deadline and other application procedures involved. Unlike most other universities, the application deadline for both domestic and international candidates is the same in this university.

The deadlines for graduate programs vary from program to program with certain programs having application deadlines as early as 1 year before the program begins.

University of Montreal

This university offers admissions to both domestic and international students through 3 intakes in Fall, Winter, and Summer/Spring. The application deadline for all candidates is February 1 though some specific programs may have extended deadlines depending on the course of study. If there are spots available after the deadline is over, students will be able to consult the list of the program and win a spot during the next session.

The deadlines for graduate programs are department-specific though it generally ranges from February 1 to February 15.

University of Toronto

The application deadline for undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto is January 16 for most programs though the date has been extended to February 3 for international applicants and March 16 for domestic applicants. The date for submitting all supporting documents will be a later date than the application date.

The deadlines for graduate programs change from program to program and are based entirely on the department. The application fee for graduate programs is CAD 125. Students will also have to pay an additional supplementary application fee for graduate programs which vary from department to department.

Queen’s University

The application deadlines for undergraduate programs are the same at Queen’s University irrespective of the nationality of the candidate. While the application deadline is February 1st, candidates will be able to submit their high school transcripts and other supplementary documents by February 15th. By May 20, the admission decisions for both domestic and international candidates will be posted on the official website.

There is no definitive application deadline for graduate programs, with each department deciding its application deadline. It generally ranges between January and March, though the deadline can fall outside this window as well.

The University of British Columbia

Graduate admissions take place from the November of the previous year to April in the year classes commence. Since the deadlines are program specific, students will have to consult their respective department websites to learn about the application deadline, transcript deadline, and review deadline. The deadline for a few of the programs are as follows-
MSc PharmacologyMarch 31February 28
MASc in Mining EngineeringMay 31April 30
MSc in Craniofacial ScienceFebruary 28February 28
MMUS in GuitarDecember 1December 1

McGill University

The application deadlines at McGill University are dependent on the educational background of the candidate and even the program the candidate is applying to. Candidates who have done their schooling in Quebec have their deadline on March 1st whereas those from Ontario have their deadline on February 1st. Most other candidates have their deadline on January 15th. Candidates will be able to submit their supporting documents by March 15th.

The deadlines for graduate programs are program-specific. At the same time, international students should apply as soon as possible since the deadlines for them are set earlier than that for domestic candidates. This is done by taking note of the time candidates will require to sort out their immigration documents and arrangements after confirming admission.

McMaster University

The undergraduate application deadline for McMaster University is dependent on the location where the candidate completed their high school and the program they have chosen. Students will be able to filter the deadline result by visiting the official “Dates and Deadlines” section of the university website. The deadline can range between January to April based on the details of the candidate.

Like most universities, the graduate application deadlines vary between programs and hence students will have to consult their respective departments so they can send in applications within the deadline.

University of Waterloo

The application deadline for undergraduate and graduate programs in this university is months apart with graduate students being able to apply later for admission. Undergraduate students will have to choose their type and location of schooling along with their program to find their respective deadlines. But the deadline for most undergraduate programs is February 1.

The graduate program deadlines are either the deadlines provided by the graduate department or the deadline for the exchange program, whichever comes later.

University of Calgary

Students who are applying to the University of Calgary will be only able to do so online by creating an account on their official website. The deadlines for both undergraduate and graduate programs are program-specific and hence candidates should enquire the same at their respective departments.

Western University

The deadlines for undergraduate programs in Western University is different for different fields of study. But most of the application deadlines get done by March after which the scholarship deadlines are listed. A few of the application deadlines are-
Field of StudyDeadline
MedicineOctober 1
LawNovember 1
DentistryDecember 1
EducationDecember 1
Physical TherapyJanuary 8
The admissions in this university are considered on a rolling basis which implies that students will be interviewed and considered for admission during the application cycle. Applying early for the program will be beneficial for candidates.

University of Ottawa

The admission deadlines for graduate programs vary from program to program and also depending on the nationality of the candidate. A few of the deadlines are as follows-
ProgramDomestic-DeadlineInternational- Deadline
MSc/PhD in BioChemAugust 1March 1
MSc EpidemiologyJanuary 31January 31
MSc Public HealthFebruary 28February 28
MASc in Anatomical Science EduFebruary 28February 28

York University

The application deadlines for undergraduate programs is based on the educational background and nationality of the candidate. The deadline for students from Ontario High School is January 13 whereas the deadline for students from non-Ontario high schools is March 1. A few exceptions to the general deadlines are-
ProgramDomestic-DeadlineInternational Deadline
NursingFebruary 1February 1
Schulich BBAJanuary 13January 13
Social WorkJanuary 15January 15

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