How to become a lawyer

In Canada, if you want to practice or teach law, you need to obtain a law degree first. You can take admission to any of the law schools or universities in Canada to get a degree in law from. The process of getting admission in any one of the colleges is lengthy but not very much difficult if you have the determination for it.

For the purpose of making your task a bit easier, we have prepared this short guide to tell you about all the processes and tests required to get a law degree in Canada. Read this to the last to get a basic idea as to what all you have to do to get admission in one of the law colleges in Canada to get a law degree from.

Complete High School

This is necessary to complete your basic education which is compulsory for applying to gain higher education. During your schooling days, you can join a debate club or trial teams related to law if your school provides such facilities.

Complete your Graduation by undertaking a Four-year Bachelor's course

You can do major from any subject you wish from since there is no requirement by law schools of any particular undergraduate courses for getting admission in them. So, you have total freedom to choose from BS, BBA, BA or any other degree. Here are some tips for you -

Try to choose a subject for getting the degree you like. This will help you keep your interests and get higher grades, better marks and all this will help in maintaining a reputation among your professors. They can write a strong letter of recommendations for you to get admission in good law college.

Choose a subject or course that will force you to out-of-the-box thinking. Something you are interested in but also requires great analytical and thinking skills. These practices will help you a lot during your law course.

You must have good knowledge of English, history, economics, government, philosophy and sociology regardless of your subject to excel in your law school and career. To get good and higher grades during the under-graduation course. Students with undergraduate GPA in between 3.5 to 4.0 are more likely to get admission in the law colleges with the average GPA being 3.9 at some more selective schools.

Take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test)

LSATLSAT can be taken anytime among the four times it is held every year. LSAT consists of five sections of MCQ questions each of 35-minutes plus a writing section. LSAT is a test where your analytical, reading and logical skills are put to the test.

The score of LSAT is evaluated on a scale of 120 to 180. Students are required an average of 160 or more score to get admission into a law school.

Students can take the test several times to improve their score and get admission to a better college. Different schools have different policies regarding the evaluation of LSAT scores for admission - some look at the average marks while others look at the highest marks. Most of the students prefer to give their first LSAT test during the summers immediately after the third year of their university program. Some of them also give the test for the first time during the first term of their fourth year.

Apply for the one or more of the Law Schools in Canada

After passing the LSAT test, you can apply to any of the 25 law schools in Canada for getting a degree in law. The first thing you need to check is whether your LSAT score comes in the demand range of the school or not. You must also consider other factors while choosing the law schools for your degree like the location, size, facilities and prestige of the school.

We are listing the names of all the law schools in Canada along with some basic info regarding them below.

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