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Canada is a fantastic choice for students interested in studying internationally. Offering an abundance of university opportunities, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, and often tuition rates and cost-of-living expenses that are drastically cheaper than some of the other western countries, many international students will find that Canada is the place they want to choose for university studies.

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Many people find that the cost of living in Canada is much cheaper than in Europe, especially than in the U.K. While life in all of these cities comes with various expenses, some of them will put a much bigger dent in your wallet. Vancouver ranked as the most livable city in the world, is also one of the most expensive. Toronto is much cheaper to live in than Vancouver, but not quite as cheap overall as Montreal. Expenses in Canada could be much less for the average student than in other parts of the western world, except for the U.S.A. Food is cheaper in Canada, dining out is cheaper, petrol/gas is cheaper, electricity is often cheaper, although you might use more during the winter.

Tuition/Fees varies from city to city with Toronto averaging the highest followed by Vancouver. International students will pay much more than Canadians to go to school at a Canadian university, but the rates might be surprisingly less than some European universities. The national average for a year's tuition for international students during the 2012/2013 school year rose 5.5% to $19,000. In the more populous provinces education can be more expensive whereas, in provinces like Newfoundland or Labrador, rates are typically lower. International graduate students rates vary similarly from province to province, but overall are much less than undergraduate with a national average of $13,500.

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