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Canada is one of the top destinations in the world for both international and domestic MBA students likewise. There are more than one hundred seventy-five Technical Institutes and Colleges and about 92 universities featuring a range of professional, vocational programs and academic courses in MBA in Canada. The MBA based programs here in Canada are substantially affordable than pursuing the same degree in the United States. The cost of residence and tuition fees on an average, in America, for some of the top MBA schools is around $80,000 when compared with $60,000 for doing the same course in Canada.

The following are some of the courses in MBA which you can pursue when studying in Canada:
MBA Canada courses vary in their duration period - anywhere between ten months and two years. These MBA related programs in Canada come under three categories that include the specialized, combined and the generalized streams.

Eligibility/Admission Requirements

To be able to pursue a degree in MBA in Canada, the student must possess a four-year degree (undergraduate), work experience, GMAT score and for all those international students whose main education language isn't English, a proficiency test in English like the IELTS/TOEFL or likewise would be necessary. Each school lays down the admission specifics criteria and other required prerequisites. Most of the Canadian business schools need a minimum GPA between 3.0 and 3.5 or higher than 70% to get an admission in any MBA based program.

Top Universities/Colleges for MBA in Canada

Tuition Fee (Canadian Dollars)
The fee for tuition ranges from Canadian $10,000 every year to nearly $25,000 each year. For some of the top schools, the fee even goes up to Canadian $ 35,000 - this is for the whole program.

Other Expenses
The expense for a living in Canada ranges from Canadian $7,200 to 11,000 each year. These get even higher if you live in the major cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. However, for different people, the expenses are different as it also depends on one's lifestyle and various other things. The major expenses could be divided as follows:
Groceries: Between $150 and $200/each month
Books and other Supplies: $1000/year
Utilities and Sundry: $300/each month

Job Opportunities for MBA's in Canada
Major Job opportunity categories for degree holders of MBA in Canada are:

Scholarships and Financial Aid
The financial assistance for pursuing an MBA degree in Canada is very limited for the international students especially. Some schools, however, might offer scholarships to students by academic merit, for foreign applicants/students specifically. A part waiver in tuition fee by an MBA Institute most commonly is the aid awarded to students and students who receive these aids normally have great academic achievements and backgrounds or top scores in GMAT or both of them. However, a lot of people do apply for such awards, and thus the scholarships don't cover the whole study cost.

Salary Determinants
If you're an MBA degree holder in Canada, then you can get a salary of about $80,000 in Canada. There are some specific requirements in jobs however which would affect the prospects of your salary like:

Career Prospects
Reports from surveys have stated that nearly 95% students who pass out with MBA degree secure a job under six months of graduating. The people that specialize in fields like entrepreneurship, international business or management are especially seen to be more successful comparatively. Some of the top Canadian MBA programs follow a structured program module for achieving this objective. There also are opportunities for diversifying your career as well as taking part in work on a co-operative basis with the private and public firms. Reasons for elaboration and expansion of overall opportunities for graduates of MBA in Canada are in fact a part of the country's growing economy. Graduates of Business administration with a strong background of industrial and academic expertise prove themselves to be very valuable and worthy for the firms they get engaged in, in Canada.

MBA at Alberta School of Business
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