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Last Updated: April 03, 2022

Study in Montreal, Canada

Montreal is a city located in Quebec and is one of the most popular study destinations in Canada among international students. The city has over 11 universities and 60 private and public colleges where students will be able to enroll in different fields of study. Out of the 200,000 students that study here every year, more than 42,000 are international students which makes it a student hub for the most part. The city offers both high-quality education and better career opportunities for students who wish to work during their academic years and for those who wish to pursue a career in the city after completing their education.

The city is also one of the most affordable places when compared to other popular international study destinations. The housing expenses and living expenses are extremely low making it easily affordable on a student budget. Since the city has a large student population, it offers different kinds of entertainment based on art, music, sports, etc. At the same time, students will be able to learn about the country by living in the city and understanding their culture and tradition.

Benefits of Studying in Montreal

The benefits of studying in Montreal include changes that students will have by immersing themselves in the language and culture of the place. While English is sufficient for students to live a comfortable life here, they will eventually be able to learn languages like French which almost 55% of the population is fluent in. Other benefits of staying and studying in Montreal include-

Places to Stay in Montreal

Since Montreal is home to 11 universities and 60 colleges, there are plenty of student localities where one will be able to find affordable housing and other facilities that are generally required by students. These locations are close to university campuses which allows students to spend less time commuting to the institution daily. A few of the popular student localities include-

Cost of Living in Montreal

Montreal is one of the few major cities in the world where there is a low cost of living despite the high standard of life one can receive. Students who stay here will be able to find affordable housing in the form of dorms, private rooms, and shared apartments. If they plan to live in student localities that are close to their educational institution, they will be able to save on transportation expenses though this is not extremely high if one takes the metro.

Entertainment activities in the city are also relatively cheap in this city when compared to other parts of the world. Students who plan to live by themselves will require around 1,200 CAD per month.

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Students will be able to find cheap accommodation in most of the localities in Montreal. At the same time, it will not be hard for them to find expensive places to stay within the city. Student housing options are available in plenty within the city and are mostly available in the form of dorms, private rooms, and apartments. The locality in which the student chooses to stay will decide the rent they have to play along with the amenities that are available as part of the place they have chosen.

The rent of apartments increases gradually according to how close the place is to the city center. The average rent one will have to pay for an apartment range from 900 CAD to 1,300 CAD per month. Utility expenses that one will incur per month will not be more than 100 CAD.

Grocery Expenses

The price for basic grocery items is-

Transportation Expenses

The best means of getting around Montreal is by walking and/or using public transport depending on how far they have to go. Students generally live close to their educational institutions which allows them to walk or bike within the city to most places. The public transport here includes the Montreal Metro and the local bus along with a public shuttle bus. The price of a one-way ticket in the local transport is 3.50 CAD. Students will be able to get a monthly pass for the same by paying 90 CAD.

Programs to Study in Montreal

A few of the best programs one can study in Montreal include-

Top Universities in Montreal

A few of the universities in Montreal include-

University of Montreal

This university was established in the year 1878 and is a public university focused on research. They offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. The faculties they have include arts & sciences, dentistry, environmental design, law, medicine, optometry, music, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.

Research is offered here in the fields of economics & politics, communication, humanities, life sciences, social sciences, theology & religious sciences, etc.

Concordia University

This is a research university in Montreal which was established in the year 1974. It has a student population of over 46,000 along with over 4,500 academic staff. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs through faculties like arts & sciences, engineering & computer science, and fine arts.

Research areas in this university include sustainability, health, synthetic biology, digital arts, aerospace, artificial intelligence, etc.

McGill University

This university was established in the year 1821 and is a public university focused on research. It has a student population of over 40,000 along with over 3,500 academic staff. The faculties it has include engineering, medicine, law, management, agricultural & environmental sciences, theology, arts, etc. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in these fields of study.

Research areas here are specific to the department the candidate is enrolling in and it is subject to change from session to session.

Polytechnique Montreal

This university was established in the year 1873 and is an engineering school focused on research. It has a student population of over 6,000 along with over 300 administrative staff. Students will be able to choose from chemical engineering, mining engineering, electrical engineering, computer & software engineering, industrial engineering, etc. at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They will also be able to research in any key area according to their interest.

The research areas that are focused on include energy, water & resources, innovative materials, digital society, human health, modeling & artificial intelligence, etc.

HEC Montreal

This is a business school that was established in the year 1907. It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to all candidates. It has a student population of 13,000 along with over 250 academic staff. It offers EMBA programs, full-time MBA, and MSc in subjects like applied financial economics, data science & business analytics, finance, financial engineering, global supply chain management, international business, user experience, etc.

Research areas that are given priority in this university include digital transformations, social responsibility & business ethics, economics development & public policy, etc.

Entertainment Options in Montreal

Students who live in Montreal will be able to explore this French city in Quebec where the old city blends into what is now a cosmopolitan city. They will be able to go to the Vieux-Montreal where 18th-century buildings have been maintained along with the antique and souvenir shops one can find there. They will also be able to spend their time visiting museums, art galleries, and the different nightclubs present here.

The city also holds hundreds of festivals throughout summer which are based on music, art, and other small events that are specific to Montreal. A few of these festivals include Montreal International Jazz Festival, Montreal Circus Festival, FestiBlues International de Montreal, etc. Students will be able to attend these festivals and learn about the distinct culture the city holds.

Places to Visit in Montreal

Montreal offers students a variety of places one can go to depending on their field of interest. Those who are interested in the party will be able to find plenty of nightclubs, those interested in experiencing the cuisine of the city will find restaurants that provide Montreal-based dishes, and the city also has different museums, art galleries, a botanical garden, parks, etc. that one can visit during their stay here. A few of these places include-

Things to Do in Montreal

The fun activities that one can do in Montreal include visiting the old city, attending the different festivals, and even engaging in the different outdoor activities that the city has. They will also be able to visit the shopping malls, restaurants, and other landmarks that the city has. Students will be able to ski and even learn skiing if they are unfamiliar with the sport while they are in the city. A few of the must-do things in the city include-

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