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Last Updated: March 18, 2021

Why get an economics degree from Canada?

Economics can be stated as the best way to manage resources which are scarce. This is a highly important field of study where jobs are plentiful, pay well. One of the best places in the world to complete a degree in economics in from Canada. Not only does the country have some universities whose economics courses are ranked among the best in the world, but it also offers a high quality of living at affordable rates.

Advantages Of Doing A Graduate Course In Economics From Canada

  1. Quality of Education: The quality of education offered by Canadian universities is extremely high. The best programs in the country make sure that their coursework is tailored to allow a student to truly understand the subject matter, understand its practice in the real world through internships with corporations and the government.
  2. Emphasis On Problem Solving: The coursework of the best is also tailored to prepare students with problem-solving abilities. This skill which widely sought after in the workplace provides a competitive edge to students from Canada.
  3. Mandatory Internships: Most universities have mandatory internships as a part of their coursework. This provides valuable real-world experience, literally allows you to prove yourself to a potential employer.
  4. High Quality Of Living: Unlike many other countries the cost of living in Canada is affordable i.e. even as a student you will be able to lead a high quality of life.
  5. High Employment: Thanks to the unique coursework which is followed in the country, finding employment after finishing the degree is relatively easy. Unlike other developed nations who are still undergoing a recession, Canada is still in a growth phase with a large number of jobs available for skilled people.
  6. High Safety: Considered one of the safest countries in the world, because people there are highly content with their lives, the amount of crime in the city is very little.

General Requirements/Application Procedure/Cost/Time Required

Application Procedure: The general application procedure is similar to that of the US and UK. An online application must first be finished and submitted along with a $50-$100 application fee. After submission of the form, all required details and hard copies of mark sheets must be submitted. Once admission is received, you need to apply for a student visa from a Canadian consulate in your country, get it approved before starting classes.
General Requirements: All of the best Canadian Universities require a high academic score during your undergraduate. While a minimum CGPA of 3.2+ is expected, most students who apply have outstanding CGPA's of >3.6. Other than transcripts as proof of the CGPA, also required are the GRE and TOEFL score sheets, original letters of recommendation from three professors, and at times a personal statement.
Cost & Time Period Of Study: Depending on the graduate program selected, it will take approximately 1-2 years to complete a Masters degree and 4-5- years to complete a PhD degree in Economics. The tuition costs vary according to the program, but the general cost varies between 8000 - 25000 dollars (excluding living expenses).

Top 5 Universities In Canada For Economics

University Of British Columbia

McGill University

University Of Montreal

University of Toronto

Queen's University

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