The Top 10 Jobs in Canada

While you might be inclined to look at the job remuneration to decide if it is the ideal one for you, it is not the only factor you should be looking at. Some of the other important factors for you to consider include salary growth, promotion chances, and available vacancy. We are listing you 10 of the best jobs available in Canada based on these various parameters.

1. Forestry Manager

Median Salary â€" $104,000
Forestry managers are responsible for overseeing everyday operations regarding the management and utilization of natural resources in Canada. The main duties of these managers are to inspect ground operations, allocate resources and maintain the required staff and equipment on the site. Required Education - Bachelor’s (or Master’s and PhD.) in Engineering, Geology, Petroleum Engineering or Earth Sciences.

2. Petroleum or Chemical Engineer

Median Salary - $105,000
The main work of a petroleum and chemical engineer is to conduct research on oil and gas deposits. The former chalks out a plan to finalize their location and method of extraction. The latter, on the other hand, is concerned about the biochemical process used to convert the materials.
Required Education â€" Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering

3. Hydropower experts

Average salary: $62,000
Canada is known for its advancement in the fields of hydropower and alternative sources of energy. Because of this development which is increasing in magnitude every day, hydropower experts are highly in demand right now. With the creation of more jobs ranging from engineers to environmentalists is this field, growth is foreseen in the future. Required Education: A Bachelor's degree in Hydropower Engineering.

4. Urban Planner

Median Salary - $86,000
Urban planners are responsible for planning and achieving success in various land development programs for private real estate developers, companies or governments. They work in tandem with regional authorities, social scientists and lawyers to develop a proposal for the use of land as and when needed. Required Education â€" Bachelor’ (or Master’s and PhD.) in Urban Planning or Geography, Economics, Political Science, Engineering or Environmental Studies.

5. Pilots

Median Salary - $80,000 Being a pilot can have many more applications than flying a commercial or private airline. You can buy a small plane of your own and do other tasks such as aerial survey, crop spraying or bush flying. You can also become a flight engineer and work in handling inspection, troubleshooting or maintenance of any aircraft. Pilots are required to obtain a flying license first for flying a plane or aircraft.
Required Education â€" Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering, Certificate from a licensed flying academy or school.

6. Marketing Manager

Median Salary: Around $85,000/year.
Marketing is essential for any company and marketing officials are always in high demand. The field might be competitive, but you can be assured of a career with good pay. With more advancement in technology, marketing has now become more complex and requires more expertise.
Required Education: Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communication or Public Relations.

7. Mental health and social services professionals

Average salary : $46,000
With society becoming increasingly aware of how important mental health is, this field is opening up, and new jobs are getting created every day. Skilled professionals who are interested in psychology fit the job profile. Social services also provide lucrative career options, because when a changing society has a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of. The majority of these jobs are found in the public sector.
Required Education: Bachelors in Psychology, Psychiatry or Social Sciences.

8. Economic Development Director

Median Salary - $105,000
Responsible for promoting industrial developments in rural and urban areas, their major responsibilities include planning, analyzing and implementing various economic policies. They also conduct research on the impact of government policies on various economic issues like labor market, taxation, businesses, etc. Required Education â€" Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Economics, Public Administration or Business Administration

9. Pharmacist

Median Salary - $100,000
Pharmacists are those people who either invent or distribute various prescribed drugs and medications. This sector has seen a great increase in employment in recent years and is among the gives some of the most stable jobs in Canada at present. The salary growth in this is bound to improve.
Required Education â€" Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy Science along with internship for the prescribed duration.

10. Financial Manager

Median Salary - $97,000
The responsibility of a Financial Managers is to guide the development of companies over time and how their business should proceed â€" be it a real estate firm or a software one. They formulate strategies after studying recent trends to help the company grow and survive in the market. Required Education â€" Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics or Business Administration

These are the 10 of the best jobs that you can apply for if you are residing in Canada at present. You will notice that many low salary jobs have been placed higher on the list. This has been done keeping in mind the growth associated with the job along with the current demand and amenities offered to the employees in such jobs. We hope this list helps you in clearing your confusions regarding your career path and you choose one of these jobs for the betterment of your career.

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