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Last Updated: March 15, 2021

Best Universities for Computer Science in Canada

Canada has been the go-to country for several international students - more so recently. Ever since Canada opened their gates for permanent residency (PR), not only families from several countries want to settle in Canada for a better future, students want to do the same.

Students have a higher chance of being able to get a permanent residency in Canada as Canadian universities provide internship opportunities in almost every field of expertise. Not only does a student get the best education in the world, but they also get to experience the real-world application before they would complete their degree.

The same goes for a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. Almost every university in Canada provides two kinds of Computer Science degrees - with at least an internship in the last year or a thesis that would pave the path towards a Ph.D. for the students enrolled. If a student does not wish to go forward with a thesis, some universities provide a research project option. But, they are not as research-based as a thesis.

Below is the list of Canada's top 5 universities to get a degree in Computer Science.

Top 5 universities for Computer Science

The University of Toronto:

University of British Columbia:

McGill University:

University of Calgary:

McMaster University

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