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Last Updated: July 14, 2022

Study in Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and it is located in the province of Ontario. It is the most populous city in the country with a reputation for being friendly to expats in general. International students who wish to enroll in universities here will find that there are 4 publicly-funded universities here along with 1 private institution all of which are internationally acclaimed. The city also has 4 colleges and other educational institutions primarily focusing on research that students will be able to make use of.

Over 40% of international students who come to Canada, study or live in Toronto due to the immense possibilities the city has to offer. Being the largest city, Toronto is the center of entertainment, business, and even technology ensuring that students from all fields of study will be able to take up part-time jobs and even internships here if required. Apart from the educational and work-related opportunities, one can get here, the city also offers breath-taking views of nature that one will not be able to find elsewhere in the world. Students will always have new places to explore and different entertainment options to consider during their stay here.

Benefits of Studying in Toronto

Students who live in Toronto will be exposed to the multicultural environment here without even having to explore further. The city has over 50,000 people from around 16 countries in the world, making it easy to meet people and understand their culture and heritage. Known for being a friendly city, students will be able to make friends and mingle with the locals even if they are new to the place. A few other benefits include-

Places to Stay in Toronto

Being the home to over 8 publicly-funded educational institutions, Toronto has a diverse population of students coming from all over the world. These students either opt for university housing or shared/rented apartments depending on their budget and lifestyle. Since on-campus housing is relatively expensive, students often opt to live in rented spaces right outside the university. There are student localities near every university where housing is cheap and affordable for a student's budget. These places also have the best affordable entertainment options.

Since Toronto is a large city, students will mostly have their educational institutions in downtown, Scarborough, North End, Etobicoke, etc. Each of these places has plenty of housing options.

Cost of Living in Toronto

The cost of living in Toronto is considered to be expensive when compared to other parts of the country since it is an entertainment hub and one of the “coolest” places in the country for students to be. But at the same time, the quality of living that the place has to offer is stellar which is one of the reasons international students and young employees choose the place. The living expenses that one can have is dependent on the area in which one is living in with the Downtown area being one of the most expensive places in the city. Most of the other expenses that students can have will be dependent on their lifestyle and the way they budget their living.

The average cost of living in the city is estimated to be around C$ 1,300 without rent.

Grocery Expenses

The prices for basic grocery items in the city are-

Accommodation and Utility Expenses

Students who live in Toronto will have the option of choosing between on-campus and off-campus housing options. Most often, students choose off-campus housing since it is relatively cheaper and because part-time work opportunities will be more accessible with off-campus housing. The accommodation expenses one will have is dependent on the locality in which they are living and the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves. Those who opt for shared apartments will be able to save a lot of money but students will also be able to take studio apartments if they wish to live alone.

The average cost of rent ranges from C$1,800 to C$2,100 per month depending on how far the place is from the city center. Utility expenses in the city generally don’t exceed over C$170 per month.

Transportation Expenses

Public transportation is the easiest and cheapest way for people to get around the city. The public transportation here is known as the Toronto Transit and it includes the subway, streetcars, and buses. Students will be able to take a daily or weekly pass and enjoy unlimited rides on all public transport. The price for a single ride on all public transport is C$3.25 or students will be able to take a day pass for C$12.50 or a week pass for C$43.75 depending on how often they travel.

Students will also be able to opt for the bike-share program in Toronto called Bike Share Toronto which has over 3,000 bikes connecting around 300 stations. A day passes for bike-sharing costs around C$7.

Recommended Universities in Toronto

Toronto is home to plenty of well-acclaimed universities and colleges. The details regarding a few of them include-
University of TorontoC$55,000-C$69,000
York UniversityC$30,000-C$32,000 per year
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityC$25,000-C$28,000 per year
OCAD UniversityC$24,000 per year

University of Toronto

This university was established in the year 1827 and is a research university that offers educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. It has a student population of around 64,000 along with over 3,200 academic staff. The faculties offered here include arts & sciences, applied science & engineering, architecture, music, information technology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, etc.

The cost of studying here for international students ranges from C$55,000 to C$69,000 based on the level of study and the program one has chosen.

York University

This university was established in the year 1959 and is considered to be the fourth-largest university in the country. It has a student population of around 55,000 along with over 7,000 administrative staff. It has faculties for film studies, environmental studies, law, etc. along with research centers for atmospheric chemistry, biomolecular interactions, and earth & space science.

The cost of studying at York University for international students ranges from C$30,000 to C$32,000 per year depending on the program.

Toronto Metropolitan University/Ryerson University

This university was established in the year 1948 as the Ryerson Institute of Technology and is a public research university. It has a student population of around 47,000. It has programs for midwifery, nursing, performing arts, engineering, criminology, architectural science, etc.

The fee range for international students at this university is estimated to be between C$25,000 to C$28,000 per year.

OCAD University

This university is also known as the Ontario College of Art and Design University. It was established in the year 1876 and has a student population of around 6,000 along with over 200 academic staff. The three faculties of this university are arts, design, and arts & sciences. The programs offered here include environmental design, life studies, advertising, graphic design, illustration, etc. The average fee for international students here is around C$24,000 per year depending on the program of choice.

Entertainment Options in Toronto

Being the “coolest” city in the country, Toronto offers plenty of entertainment options for all kinds of people. There are parks, gardens, and other destinations for those who wish to spend the day outdoors. There are innumerable cafes and other quiet eating places for those who wish to read or study in peace. The place also has its share of festivals and other cultural events that one can attend to understand the country better. A few of the must-see and must-do things in the city include-

Places to Visit in Toronto

Toronto has different museums, aquariums, parks, and other places of importance that one can visit. From getting a scenic view of the city from the top of the CN Tower to exploring the beaches and parks, the place has so much to offer especially to the students that live here. A few of the must-see places in this city include-

Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto offers a multitude of options for people who wish to try new things in the city. The things that one can do in the city will be dependent on the climate. In winter, students will be able to visit the different indoor places and do the activities that these places have to offer. In summers, they will be able to travel further and visit the beaches and parks that the city has. A few of the must-do things in the city include-

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