The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or the CELPIP is an English language exam given by aspiring candidates for proving their English language proficiency. This test is accepted by the Canadian government for immigration. Apart from this, CELPIP is also accepted by many colleges, universities, and educational institutions in Canada. The examination is conducted by Paragon Testing Enterprises, an ancillary to the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The test accurately and precisely evaluates a test taker’s English language proficiency in a variety of everyday situations, such as interacting with friends, communicating with coworkers and superiors in the workplace, understanding newscasts, and interpreting and reacting to written materials.

Why Take CELPIP?

The CELPIP Tests are Canada's leading general English proficiency tests for immigration, residency and professional designation. Some features include -

Who accepts CELPIP?

CELPIP scores are accepted by a number of organizations which include the following: The CELPIP exam has two versions - the CELPIP-General, and the CELPIP-General LS.

CELPIP General Test

The CELPIP General test is accepted by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. In the CELPIP General Test (total test time is about 3 hours), the candidate is monitored on the following skills: The CELPIP - General Test is a popular and well-known exam taken by aspirants who want to prove their English language proficiency when applying for permanent resident status in Canada under the Skilled Immigrants Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Start-up Visa Program, Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and numerous Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP). The test is also suitable for applicants looking for employment. CELPIP-General Test is approved by the IRCC.

CELPIP-General LS Test

The CELPIP-General LS Test explores the functional listening and speaking ability of the candidate. This test is given by applicants who need to prove their proficiency in order to get Canadian citizenship. The LS test is done in one sitting and the total time is about 1h 10m. The candidates are tested on their ability to

Registration for the CELPIP

Registration for the test can be done in three ways: Online Through mail, or In-person

Online registration

Those who are living outside Canada and will be taking the test outside the country, need to register online. In order to register, the test taker needs:
Steps for online registration of the test:

Registration fee

CELPIP - General Test
Evaluates the test taker's proficiency in English reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills and is used for professional designations and citizenship applications. The charges are $280 which is the Canadian price, international pricing will vary. The test is A single sitting test which takes approximately 3 hours to complete with no separate speaking session An IRCC approved test for Permanent Residency applications

International Pricing for the General test based on locations:
USA- CAD $285
UAE- CAD $340
Philippines- CAD $215
India- CAD $200
China- CAD $335

CELPIP - General LS Test
Evaluates the test taker’s knowledge in English speaking and listening skills. The LS test is used for permanent residence applications and professional designation. The charges are CAD $195. The test is a A single 1-hour test sitting with no separate speaking session An IRCC approved test for Canadian citizenship applications To register for the CELPIP Test, candidates need to make payment online or through a money order. The registration closes one business day before the test date or based on availability. The CELPIP Registration Form (PDF) can be used for registration within Canada only.

Additional charges

Test Center

The test can be taken in Canada and more than 60 other locations across. International candidates can only take the CELPIP-General Test, the CELPIP General LS Test is for Canadian citizens only.


The CELPIP score is available just after 8 days of taking the test. Those who need the score early can choose Express Rating and get it online in three business days. The score is sent through the e-mail. The test results can be accessed for a period of 2 years from the date of release of the results online. Two copies of the scoresheet are also sent to the registered address through the Canadian Mail.

CELPIP is chosen by test takers who prefer a computer-based mode of exam and are looking for a faster and less stressful test experience.

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