Average GRE Scores by school

What are Average GRE Scores of students who got admitted to a University?
Not all universities publish that data (it's hard to find on their websites. Also, many top Universities now have a policy "there is no min. GRE".. well we all know there is a 1% chance of getting admission to Stanford if your GRE is <300. GRE is important (especially for International students). We also believe if your score is 160+ in Q, 155+ in V and 4+ A then you should try top 20 Universities (again depends on your GPA and other academic / extra-curricular / research work). Your previous university's rank, GPA, GRE and research work (like papers published), work experience are important factors for admission.

Can I get admission in Top 20 University if my GRE score is high but my Undergraduate degree is from average University (no research/work experience etc)
The answer is YES! We have seen this many times.

What is a good GRE score?
If your score is 320+ (with GRE Q >163+), then it's good to apply to any University.
If your GRE Verbal score is <145 you may not be able to make top 50 programs. Check GRE percentiles for your score. Many Universities publish requirements in percentiles.

Is GRE Verbal important for MS/PhD in Engineering
Yes it is important. If you want to get in a top college then GRE Verbal is important.

UniversityCourseAverage GRE Score
UT - AustinPetroleum Engg.155(V)
Stanford UniversityManagement Science &Engineering 160(V)
University of WisconsinChemical and Biological Engg.158(V)
Texas A&M Aerospace Engg.321(V+Q)
University of WashingtonCS and EngineeringV (83%)
Q (93%)
A (61%)
University of VirginiaEngineering155(V), 159(Q)
Columbia UniversityEngineeringV (64%)
Q (82%)
MITCivil & Environmental EngineeringV(80%)
UC DavisCivil & Environmental Engineering157(v)
University of California DavisECE153(v)

GRE(V+Q >290-300) TOEFL > 213 (80 iBT) GPA > 3/4
CSUN, FDU, Widener, Bridgeport (GRE not reqd. for Engg.), North Texas, Cal State Chico, NDSU

GRE(V+Q>295-305) TOEFL>213 (80 iBT) GPA>3/4
SJSU, Bradley, Texas A&M Kingsville, Western Michigan, FIT, with Good TOEFL or GPA SJSU, Portland State University....

GRE(or V+Q>305-310) TOEFL>213 (80 iBT) GPA>3/4
Wayne S.U., IIT Chicago, Texas Tech University, University of Houston, Dayton, Mississippi State, With Good TOEFL/GPA West Virginia, New Mexico State, Utah State, UT-Arlington, UT Dallas, U-Kentucky, UM-Rolla, Auburn, NJIT, Toledo...

GRE(V+Q>305-315) TOEFL>213 (80 iBT) GPA>3/4
SUNY SB, LSU, Boston University, U Utah (Competitive), Arizona, ASU, Cincinnati, Clemson, SUNY Buffalo, Tennessee-Knoxville, Washington S.U., UMBC, Worcester Poly, Syracuse, Oregon State (EE may be tough)..

GRE(V+Q>310-320) TOEFL>250 (96-100 iBT) GPA>3/4
North Carolina S.U., Michigan S.U. (V. Low acceptance rate), Iowa State, USC, UM Amherst (V. Low acceptance rate), University of Illinois Chicago, Texas A&M, V Tech., Vanderbilt University (V. Low acceptance rate).

GRE(V+Q=315+) TOEFL>250 (96-100 iBT) GPA>3/4
Stanford, UCSD, RPI, University of Washington, University of Virginia, MIT, Berkeley, UT Austin

Minimum score of 550 (or 213 CBT score, 80 iBT) in TOEFL and a GRE score are required. The general GRE is a must with a minimum score of 1100 combined in the verbal and the quantitative sections, with a minimum of 650 in the quantitative part and a minimum of 3.5 in Analytic Writing Skills Test. The General GRE is required for all foreign students.

University of Buffalo
MS Civil Structural and Environmental
GRE scores must be submitted for those applicants requesting financial aid. The minimum GRE score for consideration for financial aid is 1200 (combined verbal and quantitative scores).

University of Virginia

MS in Computer Sc.
The current nominal scores for successful applicants for admission are 750 for the quantitative part and 550 for the verbal part. The average scores of accepted applicants are generally higher than those scores. TOEFL>250+, GPA>3.2

Above are Universities for mid range GRE scores. For High scores top 30 ranked Universities may be Used.

Search your University. You may get results if your choice is in our database. You may get results on University's location, Weather...

*213 (80) is minimum for TOEFL and score below this may not be acceptable or student may face visa rejection.
*Above table is general and there may be deviations.
Also scores in sections of GRE are assumed to be V>400 Q>650 A >4.
**60/65%(or 1st Division) are for India, UK.
**80/100 are for China. 80/100 for Taiwan. 4/5 for Japan etc for few other countries, checkout GPA section.
**For Engineering Students GRE (Q) and TOEFL is most important.

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