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Last Updated: March 20, 2021

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NOTE:Most Universities in the U.S have waived off their GRE requirements for the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic. Kindly check the university sites to confirm.

What are the Average GRE Scores of students who got admitted to a University?
Universities generally do not publish the data stating their average GRE scores. Also, many top Universities now have a policy stating that there is no minimum GRE score. But it is obvious that students aspiring to get into an Ivy League University will have a less than 1% chance of getting in with a score less than 300.

At the same time, knowing the average scores in universities help students understand that if their score is above 160 in Verbal Reasoning, above 155 in Quantitative Reasoning, and above 4 in the Analytical Writing Section, then they should apply to the top 20 universities available to secure their admission. But this is subject to other factors like their GPA, extra-curricular activities, research works, and college application.

Knowing the average score of different colleges also lets the student keep a goal score considering the colleges they want to apply to and prepare accordingly to receive admission for their favorite course in their preferred college or university.

It is possible to get admission in one of the Top 20 Universities if the candidate’s GRE score is high even if they have received their undergraduate degree from an average place.

What is a Good GRE Score?

Students who have given the GRE General Test will receive a score report containing an overall final score and separate scores for the three sections. The score range for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning section is 130-170. The Analytical Writing section is given a score between 0 and 6.

Since GRE is a relatively technical exam, colleges often state which sectional score they emphasize. Engineering colleges need a higher score in the Quantitative section. This is true for almost all math-intensive programs where they do not check the overall score or the verbal score.

Having a score that is 320+ with a Quantitative Score of 163+ generally makes one eligible to apply to any university. At the same time, if their Verbal score is <145, they might not be able to make it to the top 50 programs available. Universities, instead of stating their average requisite scores, generally publish their requirements in percentiles. Check GRE percentiles for your score.

Is GRE Verbal important for MS/PhD in Engineering

Yes, it is important. It is understood that most colleges do not focus on the GRE Verbal scores unless it is a major in Humanities-related subject. But at the same time, the cut-offs in top universities are decided by the percentiles of students which in turn is fixed based on the overall score of the student. Receiving a lower score in the verbal section can reduce the overall score and thus limit the percentile score one can obtain. Therefore, if one wants to get into a top college, then GRE Verbal is important.

UniversityCourseAverage GRE Score
UT- AustinPetroleum Engineering154(V)
Stanford UniversityManagement Science &Engineering 162(V)
University of WisconsinChemical and Biological Engineering158(V)
University of WashingtonComputer Science and Engineering153(V)
University of VirginiaEngineering156(V)
University of VirginiaMS in Computer Science156(V)
UC DavisCivil & Environmental Engineering157(v)
University of California DavisECE153(v)
University of BuffaloMS Civil Structural and Environmental80th percentile(Q)
Columbia UniversityEngineering64th percentile(V)
82nd percentile(Q)
MITCivil & Environmental Engineering80th percentile(V)
80th percentile(Q)

Colleges and universities can also be clubbed together under different GRE and TOEFL scores to identify the general places students will be able to apply to depending on their goal score. The score ranges often mention TOEFL and GRE together since students attempt both the tests together before applying to colleges. While a minimum score in TOEFL is generally enough to get admission in colleges, colleges are more particular about their score in GRE.

Students who have already received their score reports may consult the following table to know their range and the colleges they can apply to by utilizing the additional score report option from ETS. The requirement for TOEFL is often for international students who require a minimum of 213 or 80 in iBT in order to clear their immigration process and enter the country. The score ranges and the respective colleges one can apply to are as follows-
GRE Score RangeTOEFL ScoreGPAUniversities
V+Q >290-300 >213 or 80 iBT3/4CSUN
North Texas
Cal State Chico
V+Q>295-305 >213 or 80 iBT3/4SJSU
Texas a & M Kingsville
Western Michigan
Portland State University
V+Q>305-310213 or 80 iBT3/4Wayne S. U.
IIT Chicago
Texas Tech University
University of Houston
Mississippi State
New Mexico State
Utah State
V+Q>305-315 >213 or 80 iBT3/4SUNY SB
Boston University
U Utah
Washington S.U.
Oregon State University
V+Q>310-320 >250 or 96-100 iBT3/4North Carolina S. U.
Michigan S. U.
Iowa State
UM Amherst
University of Illinois Chicago
Texas A&M
Vanderbilt University
V+Q=315>250 or 96-100 iBT3/4Stanford University
University of Washington
University of Virginia
Berkeley University
UT Austin
These universities are those with a mid-range of GRE scores. For High scores, the top 30 ranked universities may be considered.
*213 (80) is the minimum for TOEFL and a score below that may not be acceptable even for immigration purposes.
*The above table is based on available data and is subject to deviations according to the changes made by the universities.
**For Engineering Students GRE (Q) and TOEFL is most important.

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