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Last Updated: November 08, 2023


The GED Test or the General Educational Development Test is provided to students who have been incapable of completing their high school diploma course due to different factors. These students are provided with the opportunity to complete the test at any phase in their lives by only registering for the test and either taking it in-person or online. Completing the test gives them access to a diploma, transcripts, and a score report that can offer them better job opportunities and even the opportunity to go for higher studies if they wish.

The exam is widely accepted around the world and is considered to be an alternative for many high school board exams. Due to the importance of the test in the lives of both students and working adults, there is plenty of confusion that arises from even the prospect of attempting the test. This page offers the answers to most of the frequently asked questions relating to the test.

How can one register for the GED test?

In order to register for the GED test, examinees can log in/ sign up to their GED official account which is free of cost. Examinees will be able to get free study materials, tips for the test, and even classes once they have registered. After registration, they will be able to schedule their tests for a nominal fee which can be paid for using a credit/ debit card.

What are the eligibility requirements for taking a GED?

The eligibility requirements are-

What are the different sections in GED?

The GED test contains four different sections the exams for which are separate and can be taken either on separate dates or the same day as chosen by the candidate. The four sections are Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning through Language Arts, Sciences, and Social Studies.

What is the time duration provided for each section of GED?

The four different sections of the GED test are provided with different time durations. These are-

What is the procedure for receiving the GED scores?

Examinees will be able to receive their scores within 24 hours of the test. Initially, they will receive an email stating the time of posting the scores in their account which can be accessed through the GED account of the examinee. The score report will contain information regarding the scores for each test.

Is it possible to challenge the scores that have been provided?

Yes, examinees will be able to challenge the score they have received by contacting the GED customer support at 1-877-EXAM-GED and paying a fee of $50 for each response they want to challenge. The fee that has been paid will be refunded only if the score is changed. The whole process of challenging the score and receiving a new score report will take around 3-5 weeks in all.

Do students have the option of retaking the tests?

The initial registration of the GED test includes the option of taking 2 retests for each subject. There are no restrictions placed upon the time duration between the retests. If the examiner is not able to pass the test in all three attempts, they will be required to wait for 60 days before applying for a retest all over again.

What should the candidate bring on the test day?

Candidates are supposed to bring a government-issued photo ID card on the day of the test. The ID should not be expired on or before the test date. They are also permitted to bring a TI-30XS calculator to the venue.

Are candidates provided with the option of bringing stationery into the test hall?

No, the test center will be providing the candidates with 3 erasable note-boards and markers before they enter the test hall. The personal belongings they bring to the hall will have to remain outside the premises until the test is done.

Will candidates be given breaks during the GED test?

Candidates who are taking all the tests on the same day will be given a ten-minute break between the different tests. Apart from this, they will not be allowed to take unscheduled breaks. They will be allowed to use their personal belongings during the scheduled breaks.

What is the passing score in GED?

Candidates will have to receive a score of 145 in each subject in order to pass the GED test. While 145 is the passing score, receiving a score between 165 and 174 demonstrates that they are ready to get into college. A score higher than 175 will also provide the candidate with extra credits when they join a college.

How to check if one is eligible for the online GED test or not?

You must first determine whether your state provides online GED testing. There may also be particular age eligibility requirements in some states. Afterward, perform a system test to make sure your computer, webcam, and internet connection meet the requirements for testing online.

Can candidates opt for an online test in GED?

Yes, GED offers the option of taking the GED test online. In order to attempt the GED online test examinees will have to score green in the GED Ready Practice test for each subject. Apart from this Green GED Ready Score, candidates will also need a computer, internet connection, webcam, speaker, and a government-issued photo ID card to take the test.

When can a candidate apply for the online GED test?

Candidates can apply for the online GED test within 60 days of receiving the Green GED Ready Score in the Practice Test. It is advisable to take a system test before registering for the test to ensure that the computer, webcam, and internet that will be used for the test is in good condition.

What are the tools available during the online GED test?

The online GED test provides the examinee with on-screen technical assistance, an on-screen calculator, an on-screen scratch pad, and an on-screen whiteboard which the examinee can use during the examination.

Does a GED score expire?

No, GED scores do not expire. As long as the candidate has passed all four subjects and received their score report, it will be valid for their lifetime.