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Last Updated: June 05, 2021

Economist GMAT Review

Every year thousands of aspirants appear for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to pursue their master's degree in business administration from renowned universities all over the world. GMAT has become a standard examination for many universities to provide admission to around 5900 programs worldwide in more than 2100 renowned institutes.

The GMAT examination contains four different sections called Analytical Writing Assessment, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. The score range for the exam is between 200 and 800 which is the scaled GMAT score different from the raw score candidates receive for the questions they answer correctly. The importance of attaining a score above 700 is in the fact that though 600+ is a decent score it couldn’t possibly gain the candidate admission in the college or school of their choice. Choosing the best prep method is then important for candidates to procure the admission of their choice.

Economist GMAT Tutor comes into play here with their different online-prep courses that are tailor-made for the needs of different candidates. The different plans they offer are analyzed here to offer candidates an idea of the course and help figure out if the courses are right for them.

About Economist GMAT

Economist promises candidates with an improvement guarantee of over 70% upon choosing their GMAT- course. Candidates get a seven-day free trial to the course so that they can see if it's going to help ultimately help them. They are given the opportunity of learning on the go, from a desktop/ laptop and even their smartphone.

Candidates can choose to master each section of the GMAT individually. Economist promises to help them know the different types of questions in each section so that they are prepared to solve similar kinds of questions during the actual test. The adaptive learning technology helps candidates focus on the target areas or the areas that they need to improve in.

They will be provided with questions they are weak in order to work hard on their weaknesses and improve them substantially through constant practice. More than 8,000 GMAT takers have gone for the Economist course and have been successful in their endeavor. The plans and courses Economist GMAT has to offer are as follows-

Features of Economist GMAT

The GMAT exam is very competitive. For instance, there are several sentence comprehension problems that are very hard to solve if candidates are unfamiliar with the type of question that is being asked. A good test course will help them understand the question pattern and through constant practice let them tackle even similar questions in the future if they are to ever come across them.

Economist GMAT offers to provide candidates with the proper training they require to crack the GMAT without fretting over anything and just following their methods. The methods they use have been proven to be of use in the GMAT. Here are some of the Economist GMAT features that will be beneficial for students-

Adaptive Online Learning

The online examinations offered by this online course are adaptive in nature just like the main GMAT examination. This method means that students will receive questions based on the level they are in. Candidates who are weak in certain sections will receive questions of a lower difficulty level until they can move on to higher levels. This ensures that students will not be left clueless when the course material advances. The course moves ahead only with the student at the pace the student prefers or grows. This enables them to focus on their weaknesses and work on them. Also taking up such kind of examination frequently would help them know the key areas they excel in.

GMAT Practice Tests

Each of the courses that Economist GMAT offers has a set number of practice tests that will be provided to the students. Students will be able to use them to practice once they have completed the content review. It will provide them with an idea of the test and let them perfect their wrongs and make them focus more on strategies for the test now that they have the content mastered.

Comprehensive Course Material

The online exams, as well as the lessons, are comprehensive enough to cover the entire syllabus of the GMAT examination. This feature enables candidates to prepare for the entire examination with just one preparatory course. The lessons are unique and simplified enough to meet the needs of all kinds of students. Candidates will be able to receive course content, practice questions, and even customized study plans that will enable them to focus only on the preparation rather than hunting for other materials that can supplement their study.

Best Online Tutors

Economist GMAT offers plans according to which candidates will be able to gain access to online tutors for a certain number of hours. Students will be able to keep the doubts they couldn’t tackle by themselves and video lessons aside to enquire about them to the tutors. They will have the freedom of enquiring about the topics they require without having to be subject-specific and also ask for more details than is required for the examination if that will help them in understanding the concept further.

The main online tutor for Economist, Jake Wengroff, is known among students for his teaching skills. He goes at the candidate’s pace to make them understand the practice problems and also focuses on making all the concepts crystal clear to the students.

Ask-a-Tutor Function

The course also added an ask-a-tutor option which is removed from the online tutoring option available. In this feature, they will be able to clear their doubts through a chat session and have their doubts cleared by experts in the field. They will receive their response in their dashboard which they can peruse and get back to them or continue with their studies if they so prefer.

Pros and Cons of the Economist GMAT




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