Economist GMAT Review

Every year thousands of aspirants appear for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) to pursue their master's degree in business administration from renowned universities in India as well as abroad. GMAT has become a standard examination for many universities to provide admission to around 5900 programs worldwide in more than 2100 renowned institutes.

About Economist GMAT

Economist promises you an improvement guarantee of over 70% if you choose their GMAT course, which made us take a second look at what they have to offer. You get a seven day free trial to the course so that you can see if it's going to help you. You can learn on the go, from a desktop or PC and even your smartphone. You can master each section of the GMAT individually - Economist promises to help you know the different types of questions in each section so that you are prepared to solve them when they come on the actual exam day. The adaptive learning technology helps you focus on the target areas or the areas that you need to improve. You get questions that you aren't good at - this way, you will be able to work hard on your weaknesses and get better results. More than 8.000 GMAT takers have gone for the Economist course, and we are taking a look at all the different features it has to offer.

Features To Look Out For

The GMAT exam is very competitive. For instance, there are several sentence comprehension problems that are very hard to solve if you have not solved similar ones before. A good test course will help you do a lot more, and know which one's the right answer. Also, the GMAT exam has certain question patterns that you would be able to know once you start practicing more. And a good online test course will help you know just the types of questions and patterns that you can expect - so that you can deliver better on the exam day.

What Can You Expect From The Test?

Here are some of the GMAT features that you would need to know to ace the test. Pros Cons If you are looking to ace the GMAT exam, you would love to take this course. It's informative, and it would help you know all the in and out of the exam so that you can give your best.


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