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Last Updated: June 08, 2021

Tips to Score a 700 in GMAT

GMAT is a standardized test taken by students who wish to enroll in business schools and management courses. The importance of the GMAT score report in procuring admission for these courses makes the overall competition for scoring better a real concern for students. Though the score range for GMAT is between 200 and 800, getting a score below 600 can ruin the chances of entering a decent school. An ideal score to enroll in the topmost colleges would be above 700.

Scoring greater than 700 in GMAT exams can be challenging. However, this can be done at the cost of some hard work and dedication put in by the candidates appearing for the GMAT exam. Students who have adopted methods like self-study, online courses, and private tutoring have all been able to manage this score through only dedication and hard work that is removed from the method they opt to prepare for the exam.

There can be a tendency to rigorously go after books and other available content that is then forcefully crammed by candidates for the examination. But it is recommended that candidates methodically approach the test with a proper goal so as to not overwhelm themselves in the process.

Approaching the GMAT

The first step that candidates have to take is to take a full-length test as a diagnostic test and complete it within the stipulated time for the test-taking only the required amount of time. Once the test is complete, irrespective of the fact whether the candidate could complete the test on time or not, they will have to go through their answers and evaluate them to calculate the score they would have received.

This score can be considered to be the base score of the candidate. Once the base score has been established, the candidate should estimate a target score that is achievable. In order to calculate the target score, the candidate will have to understand the GMAT testing algorithm and also take into consideration the score requirements of the schools they plan to apply to.

Understanding the Format of GMAT

The test sections involved in GMAT are Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Most candidates focus on both Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning in order to increase their scores above 700. One way to achieve the target score would be to focus on weaknesses and strengthening those aspects. But once the basics have been covered in the weak sections, it is recommended that students focus on improving their strengths so that they can achieve more with lesser effort.

The format for the exam is as follows-
Analytical Writing Assessment30 minutes0-6
Integrated Reasoning30 minutes1-8
Verbal Reasoning65 minutes6-51
Quantitative Reasoning62 minutes6-51

Personalize the Study Plan

Once the candidate has the target score and has understood the format of the exam in detail, they will be able to create a study plan for themselves. The study plan needn’t include only hours of study and should never be void of breaks and other activities that can refresh the mind. It is recommended that students should take a 10-minute break for every hour of study and have at least a few hours in a day where they engage in recreational activities that can help them focus on studying when they get back to it.

Most online courses that students enroll in for the test offer to provide personalized study plans for the students. But even in such cases, the candidate can always choose to alter the plans to their convenience as long as they can stick to them. Candidates should never set unrealistic timetables and should be well aware of their capacity for learning. Planning accordingly can always help the candidate stick to the preparatory mode they have chosen leading them to study better and ultimately score better.

For a score above 700, students generally study for over 12 hours in a week which is roughly a little over an hour every day. But instead of studying a little every day, they could even spend 4 days a week spending 3 hours a day focusing on both the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections alternatively until they can tackle full-length question papers one after the other into perfection.

Other Tips to Score more than 700+ in GMAT

Apart from the above-mentioned basic steps to crack GMAT, candidates must ideally have an action plan to tackle GMAT. The following tips can be applied to the method they prepare so that they can achieve the desired result within a short time of preparation.

It is advisable to include a few of the following tips while preparing for the test.’ With the above tips, one needs to study regularly and devote ample time to it. The students should also keep a record of the errors they are making. This will help them improve the areas they are making the most errors.


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