GMAT Scoring information

What is the unofficial score report?

This is a report that is generated just after you complete the GMAT test and you will need to take it with you when leaving the exam center. The unofficial scores will give a breakdown of how you did on the Integrated Reasoning, Verbal and Quantitative Sections. Also, a Total score will be generated. Furthermore, there will be an authentication code in this report that will be required to gain access to your Official Score Report. Keep in mind; this is the only time you will be given this code.

What are my Total, Verbal, and Quantitative Scores

The GMAT is scored from 200 to 800. More than 66% of exam takers score between 400 and 600. The Quantitative and Verbal score range is between 0 and 60. A score above 50 for the Quantitative section is considered very good, and a score above 44 for the Verbal section is quite exceptional. The Quantitative and Verbal scores cannot be compared to each other as they measure different things.

How is my Analytical Writing Assessment Score computed?

An Argument essay makes up the Analytical Writing Assessment score. Essays are rated by two scores and then averaged. The range for this section is between 0 and 6. One of the raters may be an automated essay-scoring engine, which is an electronic system that assesses over 50 structural and linguistic aspects, together with syntactic selection, organization of ideas and topical examination.

If the two independent ratings vary by more than one point, an expert reader comes in to determine the final score. College and university faculty members are trained as AWA scores. They look for the quality of your ideas in the argument presented and your overall ability to organize, develop and articulate those ideas. Also, it helps to have relevant supporting examples and reasons. They will also be looking at how you can make use of the elements of standard written English. The raters are trained to be fair and sensitive when reviewing the essays of test takers whose first language is not English.

A nice thing to know is that you can request to have your essay re-scored by sending in the Essay Rescore Request Form.

Note : Your GMAT score report will have all GMAT scores taken in last five years. Your official GMAT score will also have percentile rank.

How do I succeed on the Integrated Reasoning section?

By working on your ability to integrate data to solve complex problems. Remember to answer all responses to a question correctly to be given credit.

How Do I get my Official Score Report?

You will be sent an email with a link to obtain your Official Score Report online within 20 calendar days of completing the GMAT exam. The link will direct you to the Score Reporting website, where the authentication code from the Unofficial Score Report needs to be entered. After that, you may view, download and print your Official Score Report.

How Do I order Additional Score Reports?

You may order Additional Score Reports to be sent to schools online, by phone, by fax, or by mail for a fee. You will also be sent a copy when you order an Additional Score Report to be sent to a school.

What about Scores that are more than five years old?

Most MBA programs want scores within the last five years. However, you may request additional score reports for tests completed within the last ten years.

Why do we have to take the GMAT?

Research has shown that the GMAT tests skills that are crucial in the study of management at the graduate level. The GMAT is also supposed to be a good predictor of academic success for the first year at a B-school. Furthermore, college transcripts can vary in their meaning across universities, but GMAT scores give the admissions committee a sort of unbiased, standardized assessment tool for all applicants. Nonetheless, schools are particular about the college transcript and other stuff in the application like letters of recommendation and essays.

How do I cancel my scores?

The only place you can cancel your scores is at the GMAT test center. Just after completing the GMAT, you will be presented with the chance to cancel your scores. This will be before your scores are shown to you. After your scores are reported to you, you cannot have them canceled.


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