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Last Updated: June 05, 2021

GMAT Study Books

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test commonly used to test readiness to achieve admissions into Business, Management, and other related graduate programs. The test consists of four sections: quantitative, verbal, analytic writing, and a new integrated reasoning section. This popular and rigorous test is administered in over 110 countries.

The score range for the examination is between 200-800 and though it is enough to score above 600, the best scores that can provide candidates with admission to the colleges they prefer is above 700. Achieving a score above 700 can be tough for candidates since it requires at least 12 hours of study in a week and a few months of preparation. But at the same time, having the right method of study can often make the experience better for candidates.

Candidates often prepare for the exam by enrolling in an online class for GMAT, by having a private tutor, or through rigorous self-study. But while opting for any of these options it is mandatory that they put themselves through the best prep books available in order to achieve a score above 700. This page contains a list of the 5 best books students can choose to study from based on their budget and requirements. The list is as follows-

GMAT Official Guide 2021 Bundle: 1st Edition

This is the official book from GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council). it contains over 1895 real GMAT practice questions along with detailed answers for each question. The book comes with an overview of the examination along with information regarding the content and format of the test. The questions in the book have been organized based on the difficulty level.

The Official Guide Bundle includes content that candidates can access online including flashcards for key concepts, practice set creations, and other concept-related information. Candidates will also be able to track their performance online and check if they have improved and set it to exam mode so that they can prepare like they are actually taking the test. The online content can be accessed even through a mobile app.

The cost of the bundle is $44.95 which is comparatively low considering how it includes the content for all four sections of the examination. There are over 1760 pages in them and reviewers claim to have found the book extremely beneficial while preparing for GMAT.

Manhattan Prep-All the GMAT 2019

This book is an updated version of the 6th Edition of All the GMAT by Manhattan Prep. While the previous version has 10 books in all, all 10 of them have been compiled into 3 books for the convenience of students. Purchasing the book also gives access to 2 e-books with the content of a higher difficulty level and 6 full-length practice tests that students can practice on.

The bundle contains books called All the Quant, All the Verbal, and All the Integrated Reasoning and Essay guides which take up over 1910 pages and costs $140 in total. The price is higher in comparison to other guides available but reviewers claim that the book has content worth paying the amount for.

Reviewers claim that the book methodically covers the test section by section and is a great purchase for beginners especially if they plan to self-study for the exam. But at the same time, the bundle no longer contains the GMAT Roadmap book which used to be available in the earlier version.

GMAT Prep Plus 2021- Kaplan

This book is highly rated by reviewers and test-takers to provide authentic test preparation. The Kaplan book contains six practice tests, answer explanations with details, and integrated reasoning strategies paired with practice questions. There are 1200+ questions for practice. and Reviewers claim that people who have prepared using the book have a better chance of gaining admission in business schools by clearing the GMAT. In addition to the standard GMAT prep book, Kaplan also offers nine GMAT prep courses and other retail products.

The book also offers access to a 200-question Quiz Bank which can be customized to the kind of practice session the candidate wants. The only problem stated by reviewers is the structural integrity of the book since the book stands to fall apart after a few uses. But this does not diminish the quality of the content the book has according to them. The book is a great choice at $23 when other books with similar content charge twice the amount in general.

Mometrix-GMAT Prep Book 2021-2022

This book contains practice test questions along with detailed answers for each of the questions mentioned. They also offer video tutorials for students who need to understand difficult concepts related to GMAT. The book focuses on the tips and strategies that can help students crack the examination along with a complete review of the content which will let students understand when and where to apply the strategies that have been mentioned.

The book costs $25 which is a relatively cheaper rate when compared to other guides by competitors. They have split the content in the book section-wise with each section in the exam containing 4 sub-sections and more. Reviewers claim that the book has helped them in their self-study. In its price range, it is supposed to be the best prep book available for the GMAT.

Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set-2018th Edition

This bundle of 12 books is the most comprehensive book set available for the preparation of the GMAT. It contains over 1000 practice questions along with comprehensive solutions to all of the practice questions they offer. The book also provides the access to the online Question Bank Veritas has to offer to contain questions of a higher difficulty level along with prompt feedback. The GMAT practice test they offer is adaptive in nature.

For a total of $65, they offer students with the content review that has been divided according to sections and sub-sections. People claim that having this set of 12 books is equal to joining a course related to GMAT and that methodically going through the content and practice sessions in the book can even provide the candidate with a grade above 700. The cons of the book are that the book is lengthy and is not suitable for last-minute preparers.


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