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GRE Practice Tests!

What is GRE?
GRE Verbal Test is most difficult and requires maximum preparation. Vocabulary is the key component in GRE Verbal exam.

There are lots of question in GRE Practice Test. We have 20+ GRE Mock Tests.

Each time you begin the test the GRE Test crawler (for GRE vocabulary) will get new questions taken randomly from a pool of hundreds of questions.

After the test, you will get GRE score.

We have included questions on Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence.

Text Completion questions test this ability by omitting crucial words from short passages and asking the test taker to use the remaining information in the passage as a basis for selecting words or short phrases to fill the blanks and create a coherent, meaningful whole

Sentence Equivalence questions consist of a single sentence with just one blank, and you have to find two choices that lead to a complete, coherent sentence while producing sentences that mean the same thing.
We have 20+ online GRE tests (no login required and all are free!)
GRE Sections : GRE Vocabulary tools... We are working on GRE Prep tutorial for other sections.
We are constantly receiving important GRE questions from students and adding them.

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