Top 6 Books for IELTS Prep.

Are you striving to top your IELTS exam this year?

For better preparation, you would need good books to do your study. Are you looking for the best IELTS books which will help you to prepare for the test and score top grades for the IELTS exam?

We have presented a list of books which would help you to achieve the desired results. The Top List of IELTS Books

1. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS:

This book can serve as a boon to the students who are preparing for the IELTS exam as this has been written and published by the makers of the IELTS exam. This book comes with a DVD-ROM in it and is a must-have for those who wish to achieve success for their IELTS exam.

2. Barron's IELTS Superpack:

This is another super-manual for the preparation of the IELTS exam. This book offers three manuals which come with two audio CDs. This also contains a separate tip booklet along with an MP3 CD.

3. Target Band 7: IELTS Academic

How to Maximize Your Score: This book is written by a former test-taker, Simone Braverman. She has composed this book to be easy to understand and as an easy to use manual by the students who wish to excel in their IELTS exam. It contains solutions to the typical problems that are encountered by a scholar while taking the IELTS test. There are abundant useful tips and techniques provided out of self-experience and analysis. The users of this manual have had great success with it and have added a review as it is the best literary book for preparation of the IELTS test.

4. ELTS Success Formula Academic with CD

Book by Simone Braverman. Nice book, has lots of tips and tricks to improve your score. You will find good explanation on all the topics needed for IELTS preparation. This book is around $14 in amazon (cheaper as compared to other books). It has 70 techniques, 200 exercises and Full-length IELTS practice test.

5. Cambridge IELTS 11 Self-Study Pack:

This is a bundle of the CDs and Audiobooks which enable the best preparation of the students for their upcoming IELTS exam. This manual also comes with the answer series to help the students know the correct answer for every query. This pack of self-study materials also contains the samples of the previous year exam pattern and questions to provide additional benefits of preparation to the students. The users of this book have 5-star rated this book as it has served as a complete package solution to their IELTS test-related queries.

6. IELTS Practice Test Plus 2:

This manual comes with a pack of CDs and eBooks for developing the writing, reading, listening and speaking skills needed for the IELTS exam. This guide contains the key to mastering the techniques required for writing the test and scoring remarkable grades for the same. The users have considered the best practice book so far and have also reviewed it favorably. This manual contains six practice sets which cover the entire topics and probable questions for the IELTS test.

7. Ace the IELTS: IELTS General- How to Maximize Your Score:

This book contains the general overall view of the IELTS exam pattern and the type of questions which come in the exam. This is the second edition by the famous writer Simone Braverman who herself had formerly applied for the IELTS exam. This second book covers the broad aspects of the subjects covered and thus, every student must have this book to fulfill their dreams of achieving the desired success in their IELTS exam. The users have highly rated this book and consider it to be very helpful as it is easy to understand and use by any prospective candidate. This manual also contains the sample tests and questions which help the candidates prepare well for their upcoming IELTS exam. It is a practical book to cover the general modules by the students.

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