Anesthesiologist as a career

Who is an anesthesiologist?

An anesthesiologist is a physician (M.D., or D.O.) with a specialization in the particular field of medicine relating to anesthesiology. Such a medical practitioner would administer anesthesia or injections throughout a surgical procedure.

To become an anesthesiologist, you are required to finish a four-year degree from any accredited university or college in the country. Although, the cost of an undergraduate degree depends on the institution, ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 in a private institute for a year. Apart from this, a medical degree, which is for about four years of graduate school (M.D. or D.O.) and you would also need a residency training of 4 years after completing your postgraduate training. To qualify for a medical degree, you would need to pass a Medical College Admission Test or MCAT. The score you get on this exam will determine the tier of medical school you can apply to.

Further education
If you are Anesthesiologist, you can better your job prospects by either taking a one-year fellowship or getting a certificate of added qualification in pediatric anesthesia pain management, critical care or any other kind of subspecialty.

Working hours
The attending anesthesiologists mostly have to work for about 12-hour a day, and they are on in-house call for 24-hour shifts. However, they also get several weeks of paid vacation every year and during they are days off they are not expected to be handy.

An anesthesiologist can expect to have a long career in the US, with an experienced hospital-based anesthesiologist earn almost $350,000 on an average in a year. According to Dennis E. Kane, DO, (the president of the American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists) in the USA, in comparison to other medical specialties, the salary of anesthesiologist falls in the top 5%.

An anesthesiologist - specializing in pain management can earn an average income of ~$460, 000 while a pediatric anesthesiologist makes an average of ~$470,000 yearly. Here one thing that must be remembered is that just like all physician careers, the salary of the anesthesiologist varies with the overhead expenses, case volume, reimbursements in the area, and so on.

Traits/quality of an anesthesiologist
If you are aspiring to be hospital-based anesthesiologists as they form a major part of critical care medicine, you should be passionate about caring for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions. Apart from this, it is expected of an anesthesiologist to be reliable, discipline, honest and have the ability to work under stress as the patients are very dependent on the anesthesiologist, and without him or her a surgery can't take place.

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