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Last Updated: September 17, 2022

What is EPPP Certification?

The EPPP Certification or the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology is a test to get a candidate certified as a psychologist. It is a licensure that all candidates must take if they wish to be licensed practitioners in the country. It is provided by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards along with the Professional Examination Service. Candidates who have completed the educational requirements of their psychology degree will be able to take this examination. Still, this criterion can vary depending on the state or province the candidate is from.

This examination is used by most states in the US and by different Canadian provinces. It is a two-part examination with the former being a test of knowledge and the latter being based on the skills of the candidate in the field. The second part of the examination was introduced only in 2020 and has not been made a mandatory requirement in most states as of now.

Who Can Apply for the EPPP Certification?

Candidates who have completed their necessary degree requirements in psychology will be able to take the EPPP examination. The general requirements include taking a bachelor’s degree in psychology or any degree in the social sciences followed by a master’s degree in psychology. Candidates will also have to complete their doctoral degree in the field before they can be licensed psychologists.

Candidates with a doctoral degree will require a year of doctoral experience under a supervised practitioner and they will also require postdoctoral experience in the field.

Eligibility Requirements for EPPP Certification

The eligibility requirements for taking the test are determined by the licensing authority/board in the state, province, or territory where the candidate is applying in. To determine one's eligibility, candidates will have to apply for licensure at their licensing authority/board and wait to receive communication from them. Upon applying for licensure, the authority/board will create an account within the ASPPB EPPP portal where the candidate will be able to check their eligibility status.

If the candidate meets the eligibility requirements, they will receive an automated email using which they will be able to access the registration portal. A few of the general requirements for candidates who wish to apply for licensure are as follows: These requirements vary by state/province the candidate is applying from.

Cost of Taking EPPP Certification

The cost of taking the EPPP-1 examination is $600 and candidates will be required to pay an additional appointment fee of $87.50. There is no extra fee levied for canceling or rescheduling the test when done 31 days or more before the examination date. After this date, candidates will have to pay another $87.50 for these services. Candidates who are canceling the scheduled examination within 24 hours of the same will not receive a refund. The cost information is as follows:

English EPPP-Part 1

Fee DetailFee Amount
Test Sitting Fee$87.50
Exam Fee$600

English EPPP-Part 2

Fee DetailFee Amount
Until August 15, 2023$300
Test Sitting Fee$87.50
After August 15, 2023$450

Note- The cost for taking the EPPP-Part 1 examination in French is the same as that in English.

Duration and Format of EPPP Certification

The EPPP-Part 1 examination has a multiple-choice question pattern with a duration of only 4 hours and 15 minutes. There are a total of 225 questions each with 4 answers. Only one answer out of the four options will be correct. 175 out of the 225 questions are scored whereas the rest of the 50 questions are experimental. The time frame provided for EPPP-Part 2 is also 4 hours and 15 minutes. The time structure provided to candidates are as follows:
Agree to Terms5 minutes
Completion of Tutorial5 minutes
EPPP-Part 1/Part 24 hours 15 minutes
Do a Brief Survey5 minutes

Scoring in EPPP Examination

Out of the 175 marked questions in the EPPP-Part 1 examination, each question has a raw score of 1 when answered correctly. The raw score is then converted into a scaled score that ranges between 200 to 800. The passing score that candidates ought to get for this examination is 500 or above if they wish to do independent practice.

The scaled score varies every year and does not have a raw score equivalent since the exam is graded based on difficulty. The cut-off that is considered for every exam is dependent on the state or province based on the board/authority under which the examination has been registered.

Content Areas for EPPP-Part 1

The first part of the EPPP examination deals with the knowledge part of the field and candidates are required to have a broad basic knowledge and applied skills in the field. Their knowledge in this field will be assessed based on multiple-choice questions, and candidates must attend to the general questions irrespective of their specialization.

This section covers 8 content areas which are:

Content Areas for EPPP-Part 2

This section of the examination assesses the skills of the candidate in the field of psychology. Candidates will have to provide answers to computer-based objectives, multiple-choice questions, etc. based on scenarios, videos, etc. Since EPPP-Part 2 was introduced recently in 2020, it has not been made mandatory by most licensing authorities. The exam can be attended only after the completion of EPPP-Part 1 and candidates will have to provide a separate application to take the same.

The content involved in this section includes-

Process to Obtain EPPP Certification

The process of obtaining the EPPP certification begins with applying for approval to take the examination from the licensing authority. Once their application has been approved, candidates will have to take the examination within 12 months after making the payment. The steps for obtaining the certification are as follows-

Receiving Test Scores for EPPP

Candidates who have completed the test will be able to receive their raw scores at the test center. They will have to make a note of this raw score for future reference. The licensing authority will receive this score in 10 days after which they will convert it to the scaled score and decide whether or not the candidate has obtained above 500 which is the mark required for independent practice. Candidates who have received a grade of 450 will be able to practice only under supervision.

Retaking the EPPP

Candidates who have not met the requirements to clear the EPPP certification will have to reapply for the same. This implies that they will have to contact their licensing authority for approval. The requirements that one will have to meet for retaking the examination can vary from authority to authority and candidates will have to contact them personally to know the same.

Candidates will not be allowed to retake the examination more than 4 times in 12 months.

Validity and Renewing EPPP Certification

This licensure need not be renewed by the candidate and they will be able to transfer their scores if they wish to change their area of practice.

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