Homeland Security Course Certification

When a nation makes an effort to protect its homeland and create a sense of peace, security and resilience against terrorism and natural disasters so that the interest and well-being of the public can happen in a free manner, while they are protected against terrorist attacks, their vulnerability to terrorism and controlling the damage that they create, it is known as homeland security.

It is an American term, and while the definition mainly revolves around terrorism, it is not restricted to it. The main purpose of homeland security is to protect the country and its citizens from terrorism along with natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes.

How did the term come into existence?

After the September 2001 attacks, the United States of America formed the United States Department of Homeland Security on March 1, 2003, and this is how the rest of the world was introduced to the term Homeland Security.

While several American shows revolve around homeland security and the risks and adventures that the actors undertake and go through, attracting several adrenaline junkies, the term has become extremely popular with several people looking into how they could get into such a thrilling profession where every day is a new day filled with several (un)pleasant surprises.

Scope of work:

The scope of work of homeland security is way more serious than you think:

Homeland security in academics

After the September 2001 attacks, the world suddenly discovered the unimaginable extent of damage that terrorism could cause. Soon after that, several schools in the United States started offering courses to those interested in pursuing homeland security. Both options of academic programs and degree courses are available to the interested candidates.

Since it is very similar to situations that involve handling an emergency, this course is taught alongside it. Just like any other field of study, the quality of the courses offered by different colleges in homeland security varies, depending accreditation statuses.

Try pursuing one of the following degrees if you want to kick start your career in homeland security:
Some of the best homeland security programs that are now available at some of the best institutes across the United States are:
The above are just some of the best courses that students can now choose from. Several online courses and part-time offers are also made available for those who have other commitments.

Homeland Security jobs and salaries:

Working in the field of homeland security allows you to be a part of a highly intriguing workforce. Interesting occupations like Data Analyst, Behaviour Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Security Officer, Program Analyst, Special Agent (Federal), Master Scheduler, and Information Technology Specialist are just some of the numerous posts that you can become eligible for.

When it comes to the pay, being such a high profile job translates into getting an excellent salary. As an intelligence analyst, you can make up to $120,000 a year while you will earn up to $50,000 and $75,000 annually as a transportation security officer and security officer, respectively. In fact, some can pay you even better. For example, as a Chief Information Security Officer, not only will your life be surprising you every day at work, but you can make a whopping $276,000 annually as well.

This is one of those few fields which recognize the risks that you take to protect your country and your fellow citizens and pays you well with an enviable salary along with several other perks.

A job in homeland security will bring about an overall development in you clearly making you a highly professional individual who values his job above everything else.


Homeland Security has been around for a while now but is still a hot favorite for thousands of students when it comes to selecting a job. This is because it will never get mundane like most of our jobs do. Every day, people working in this department encounter new problems, face high risks and learn something new as well. They undergo strict training as the lives of thousands of people will, at one point, depend on their presence of mind and experience that will build up, working at the different levels in this department.

Normal and short courses are available as well as ample option to choose from when it comes to selecting a profession and high paying jobs - it all combines to give homeland security the popularity that it enjoys today.