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Last Updated: February 26, 2021

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification

If you are looking for one of the most respected certification course available in the US for education and training, it is the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification, in short, NBPTS. This certification has been of immense benefit to the teachers as well as for the students. With the advance designed syllabus and courses of the certification, the teachers thus certified from NBPTS contribute greatly to the accomplishment and improvement of the curriculum schedule of the schools.

In all the States of US, there are different criteria for teaching certification. However, a common problem is that your accreditation may not be applicable in other States. If anyone passes the NBPTS, it is applicable all over the nation. It also signifies that the candidates have voluntarily gone much further than the state certification courses and are far more qualified than those who have completed the teacher licensure programs. NBPTS candidates are thus more advanced in both classroom teaching and practical skills which make them an excellent educator choice for you.

The certification course

Consisting of four basic components, the certification needs a written evaluation of the content knowledge, analyzing the work samples of the students, assessing the teaching practice and documenting the impact of the teaching professionals. The standard of the contents and the other materials are developed by the teachers for the teachers. And this board certification is available for pre-k level through the 12th grade. The certification gives all the knowledge required of what can help to improve student's conscience.

The certification also aims to develop confidence among course takers and enable them to perform better. For instance, throughout the entire certification program, the candidate will be able to give his or her best inputs related to the teaching practices. They will be able to interact will their fellow applicants and share the best of the classroom practice. And all these are possible because of the flexibility and affordability of the course. Just for the sake of sharing the records, more than 110,000 teachers have been certified from the NBPTS from across 50 states of the US.

Eligibility and requirements

It is important to note the right requirements before you can take the NBPTS program. For instance, it is a must to hold a graduation degree before pursuing the NBPTS certification. This is not applicable for the tech-ed teachers who already meet the criteria for the State licensure. Also, the candidate must have completed a three-year full experience of teaching or must have got experience in school counseling. Lastly, it is required to possess the valid school counseling license that is again not applicable for those who already taught in recognized schools, or the state does not require a teaching license.

The five core propositions

This is essential for any NBPTS certified teacher to follow, and it forms the base of the national board standards. The first one says that teachers should remain loyal towards the students and take care f their learning. Secondly, the teachers are knowledgeable about the subject they are teaching and have the technical knowledge of how to teach the particular subject. Thirdly, managing and monitoring the students is also primarily the duty of the teachers. Fourthly, the teachers should continue to learn from their experiences and practice their knowledge as and when required. Lastly, the teachers are the members of the learning communities.

The assessment

The certification process will require the candidates to demonstrate their content knowledge in accordance to the six exercises that were developed by the professionals. It is administered at more than 300 online test centers across the nation. There are sample assessments available online where the candidate can check for the exercise descriptions. Also, the assessment center tutorials are available which also have the guidelines about how to give the exam.

Course fee

The course fee for the NBPTS certification is $475.


In California, $61,000 is the current mean salary for the NBPTS certified people while in other States it's around $40,000 - $46,000. The salary also depends on other requirements including the experience of the teacher; other certifications acquired if any amidst a host of other things.

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