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Last Updated: September 14, 2022

What is NBPTS Certification?

NBPTS or the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification is considered to be one of the most respected certifications one can take in the field of education and training. The sole aim of the certification is to retain accomplished teachers and provide them with their deserved recognition so that they can contribute to the improvement of the existing education system in the country.

Under this board, candidates will be able to take a certification in 25 different areas spread across 16 disciplines ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. Completing this certification will allow candidates to pursue leadership positions in schools and districts and they will also be able to make an impact that lasts beyond their classrooms. The certification is based on five core propositions that teachers have to identify and act around accordingly. These propositions are-

Who Can Apply for the NBPTS Certification?

The NBPTS Certification has been created by teachers for teachers with the aspirations of formulating a better education system in the country and helping students from different walks of life. Since the certification is nationally recognized, candidates who have taken this examination will be able to take up positions of authority within the educational system without having to meet separate state requirements eventually. Candidates who have completed a bachelor’s degree and also have a minimum of 3 years of teaching experience will be able to take the NBPTS Certification.

Eligibility Requirements for the NBPTS Certification

The eligibility requirement for taking the NBPTS Certification is at the levels of education, licensure, and employment. Since the teaching situations around the country can highly vary from one another, candidates will have to cross-check their eligibility by contacting the Customer Support of the organization. Generally, candidates are required to have-

Cost of NBPTS Certification

The certification is divided into four components with candidates having to pay for each component separately. Candidates will be able to take the certification within a span of 3 years which makes the payment plan also spread across the same time duration. The cost for each component is $475 and the total cost for the certification is $1,900.

Candidates will also have to pay an amount of $75 as the non-refundable registration fee per year until they have completed all the certification components.
Fee TypeFee Amount
Registration Fee$75
Fee per Component$475
Fee for Full Certification$1,900
Fee to Retake Component$475
Certification Maintenance Fee$495 + $75
Candidates will be able to pay the component fee over six, monthly installments with no interest or credit check.

Duration to Take NBPTS Certification

The duration for completing the NBPTS Certification is dependent on the candidate. They will be able to take up all four components in a single year or they will be able to complete them within 3 years of their candidacy. The NBPTS allows candidates to complete the certification within five years but it is mandatory that they submit all their components in the same assessment cycle they registered in.

Process to Obtain NBPTS Certification

The process for taking an NBPTS Certification involves just registering at the official website for the same by paying a non-refundable registration fee and selecting the components that one wishes to complete in that assessment cycle. Candidates will have to ensure that they meet all eligibility requirements before they register for the same. The steps involved are as follows-

Certification Areas in NBPTS

The certification areas that are offered in NBPTS include-

Components of NBPTS Certification

Though the entire core of the certification is based on the five propositions, these are tested through four components as part of the certification. The four main components of the certification are-

Scoring the Assessments

The four components of the NBPTS certification are scored based on whether it is a selected response assessment or a portfolio assessment. This implies that component 1 is scored differently when compared to the other 3 components.

Select Response Scoring

This component is machine scored with one point being given to each of the correct answers and zero points given to wrong answers. The marks that a candidate receives are converted into a rubric scale between 0 to 4.25.

Portfolio Scoring

Components 2, 3, and 4 are scored based on the responses provided by the candidate by using a 12-point rubric score scale. The range of the scores will be between 0.75 to 4.25. This is calculated as follows-
Rubric LevelScoreImplication
Level 10.75-1.25Little or No Quality
Level 21.75-2.25Limited Quality
Level 32.75-3.25Clear
Level 43.75-4.25Consistent and Convincing
Note-- Level 1 and 2 and considered to be a Fail grade. This implies that candidates have not yet accomplished teaching practice.

Validity and Renewal of NBPTS Certification

The NBPTS Certification that one has completed will be valid for only 5 years after which candidates will have to pay a sum of $1,250 for its renewal. For renewal, candidates will have to submit proof of their ongoing professional learning and they will also have to show their professional achievements.

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