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Last Updated: April 25, 2022

What is OSHA Certification?

OSHA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an organization that has been established in 1970 to make sure that every worker receives the best working environment they require to remain safe and healthy. This involves providing proper training and assistance to both employers and employees based on the working environment they will be working in at all times. Since this is not the same for every industry, the standards have been set based on the job training determined by employers and also on the industry.

This organization does not provide “certifications” but on the other hand, offers authorization in the form of completion cards based on the number of hours they have taken the training. They also provide certificate programs that are different from the OSHA Outreach Training Programs. The outreach training programs have either a 10-hour or 30-hour duration based on which candidates will get a completion card that can benefit them highly in procuring jobs since it is a condition of employment in most states within the US.

Types of OSHA Outreach Training Programs

OSHA Outreach Training Programs are provided based on the industry one is working in. There are four industries that are focused upon though this is a general classification and the training will differ from one job to another. The types of industries that are focused upon include- Candidates will be able to take a 10-hour or 30-hour program based on the experience they have in their work field. Those who are beginners with basic awareness of job safety will be able to take the 10-hour course whereas those who have experience in handling safety responsibilities will be able to take the 30-hour program.

Eligibility for OSHA Certification

There is no set eligibility requirement for candidates who wish to enroll in the OSHA Outreach Training programs. They will be able to take the program irrespective of their age and irrespective of their employment status.

Course Content of Outreach Training Courses

The course content for the training program is based on the duration of the program one chooses. There are 2 types of programs offered where one has a 10-hour duration and the other has a 30-hour duration. Each of these programs has courses for 4 industries including maritime, construction, and disaster site work. The general course content for both these programs is as follows-

10-hour Outreach Training Program

This program is taken by people who are new to their particular field of employment. It is primarily a basic course and candidates will be able to learn about general information on workers’ rights, complaint filing, and responsibilities of employers. Since it is an entry-level program, it focuses on the general industry and the construction industry. This is a mandatory requirement in most states and cities in the US. Candidates will also learn about recognizing, avoiding, controlling, and preventing hazards at the workplace depending on the industry they work in.

30-hour Outreach Training Program

This program is taken by candidates who have experience in handling safety concerns at the workplace. It is industry-specific with programs being provided for the construction industry, maritime industry, and disaster site work. Candidates who do not fit into any of these 3 categories will be able to apply under the general industry section. This training is mainly taken by supervisors and other people in power.

Cost of Taking OSHA Certification

OSHA Outreach Training Programs are mostly offered in online mode through different service providers. These service providers are not endorsed by OSHA but they will have trainers that have been authorized by OSHA. The cost of programs will vary from place to place along with the schedules that one will have to follow. Programs that are provided in the online mode are the most popular among candidates since they are comfortable. The cost of such programs can be anywhere between $60 to $80 for 10-hour and $160 to $180.

Validity of OSHA Certification

There is no set validity for OSHA cards issued through the training programs. But at the same time, it is recommended that candidates remain updated with the latest security and safety regulations. This can be done by ideally retaking the training program every 4 to 5 years within the industry they are working in. The only exception to this is the card issued for the Maritime industry. This expires at the end of 5 years.

Candidates should also consider the rules set by their state and organization regarding the validity of their OSHA card. While the card might remain valid, companies might insist on making employees retake the program every 3 to 5 years.

Choosing a Trainer for OSHA Certification

OSHA does not provide training to candidates through organizations that are authorized by them. But at the same time, they authorize outreach trainers. This authorization is different from making them certified trainers. Trainers will have a trainer card that will contain the name of the OTI Education Center that authorized them.

Candidates are required to verify the status of their trainer by checking the Authorized Trainer Card. They will also be able to contact the ATO or Authorizing Training Organization to check the status of their trainer.

Completing OSHA Outreach Training Program

Candidates who successfully complete their training program will receive a student completion card which is issued by their authorized trainer. This card is generally provided to the candidate by their trainer within 90 days of course completion. Since the course does not have any examination requirements, the allocation of the completion card will be dependent on the trainer. The trainer will be able to take tests to understand the level of learning the student has reached though test hours will not be calculated in the program.

One will either get a paper card or a plastic card for course completion. The plastic cards will have a QR code that can be scanned to verify the card. Candidates can request their trainers for a training certificate before receiving the completion card. Both the training completion certificate and the student completion card can be submitted to the organization that the candidate works for or their employer as long as they accept it.

Are OSHA Certifications and OSHA Certificate Programs the same?

OSHA provides different certificate programs for one to choose from which are also different from the OSHA certification programs. This is mainly because the OSHA certification is not a proper certification program but a course that establishes that the candidate is well-aware of their workplace safety and health concerns.

The OSHA certification is mainly referred to as the 10-hour or 30-hour Outreach Training Program which is industry-specific. These programs have not been made mandatory by OSHA but have been declared essential by most states, cities, organizations, and even unions. These programs are specific to the job the candidate is doing with employers being responsible for training their workers according to the working conditions that are set for them.

Certificate programs offered by OSHA, on the other hand, are provided in sync with colleges and have a duration between 70 to 100, unlike outreach programs. A few of the certifications provided include-

Top OSHA Outreach Training Providers

Most of the OSHA Outreach Training programs are offered in the online mode and though OSHA does not authorize organizations for the same, there are a few that are validated by them. /these include-

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