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Last Updated: March 10, 2021

Redhat certification

Companies look to hire individuals and professionals who are the most competent, and can help increase the ROI of the business. It's the quality of the output that the IT company is concerned with, and Red Hat certifications enable organizations to know just how competent you are.

Red Hat certifications tell the employer that you are up to date with the current technological developments. The certification helps you learn newer skills, map the personal training path, and understand your capabilities through regular tests.

What's Red hat certification?

Install, deploy, and configure the system, along with handling security issues and performing backup and restoration, Redhat certification are systems administrators with expertise in Redhat Enterprise Linux systems. Designed for the IT professionals, Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is for those who work without Linux administration experience. With this course, the students can learn about the Linux administration "survival skills" and develop the core administration tasks. It can be learned in classroom courses as well as through online training. Some organizations also give its employees the scope of on-site training on this Red Hat certification.

Course information

The course includes physical storage management, software components and services configuration and installation, establishing firewall access as well as network connections, monitoring the company processes, serving the files, administering the files and reviewing the log files of system.
The major Red Hat Certification types are

Do you need to take the Certification?

There are a number of Red Hat Certifications to choose from, depending on your needs and career.
  1. Red Hat System Administration II Red Hat System Administration II (RH135) is for those who want to become a full-time Linux administrator. This course focuses on the file systems and partitioning, firewalling, logical volumes, troubleshooting, and SELinux and gives an in-depth knowledge on the Linux administration.
  2. Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200) You can prepare yourself for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200) if you attend both the Red Hat System Administration I and Red Hat System Administration II. This course is just available through on-site training or over classroom sessions.
    The Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam focuses on the student's existing understanding of the Linux based system administration. Along with the common commands, this certification gives the scope to learn about managing the users and groups and the file permissions. The certification also involves updating the software packages with yum, troubleshooting the system services, managing the system during the boot process, network configuration, maintaining the local storage, firewall management, kernel-based virtual machines (KVMs) management and automatic installation of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Kickstart.

How will it help?

Redhat certification will definitely give a boost to your career, and you can actually expect a rise in your job role. You can draw a salary as high as $74,270 which will include various sectors like computer manufacturing, commodities, securities, etc. According to the market experts, the Red Hat administrator career is on the rising graph. With Red Hat Certified System Administrator and other advanced skills, you can earn as much as $90,068 on an average.

On the other hand, the Red Hat Certified Engineer can draw as such as $94,363 salary on an average.

Red Hat certifications have been a common skill test among the occupational groups. Unlike most of the occupational certification courses, this one is not a multiple choice set. Thus, Redhat certifications are at times considered better indicator of real-world performance skills than the most of the other tech certifications. In fact, for those who are planning to attract the clients on their first resume or those who are qualified can use this qualification logo even on their business cards. The Redhat LinkedIn community is also a major group for the professionals where they can participate after the certification.

The candidate needs to pass 2 1/2 hour exam and following is the skeleton of a study guide If you are looking for a career switch, a new job or are just wondering why you dont cut through in the interviews, you might need a Red Hat certification. The Redhat certification is also important as a emerging technology course and functionality focused job.

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