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Last Updated: March 04, 2021

SAP Certifications - Going the Right Way

An exam conducted by SAP AG, SAP Certification is usually taken up by employees who wants to upgrade their organizational skills. However, there is always a controversy between the importance of certification and that on the SAP skills. To be a SAP consultant, you need to obtain the SAP certificate, and like any other IT skills, SAP is also one of the major course offered by the companies to its employees. For better work and improved business software solutions, SAP is one of the best specializations that you can probably look for. It wouldn't be wrong to call SAP as the leader in all enterprise applications.

About SAP certification

SAP implementation is a very complex process. With the successful completion of the course, one has some strong career options to choose from. You can become a SAP Network Specialist, and take the SAP FI/CO course will help you in accounting and finance control. You can also look to be SAP Security Consultants and SAP Database Administrators. Management professionals who opt for the SAP course can find a job in SAP customer relationship management, SAP sales, and distribution, SAP business information warehouse, SAP business intelligence and many others.


The requirements depend on the geographical location you are living. In the States, for instance, there are no prerequisites whatsoever or any course that you need to take to be able to take the SAP certification program. In the Asia Pacific Japan region though, you need to have at least two years of SAP implementation experience or attended a minimum of 15 days training in SAP.

Choosing the right SAP Certification program for you

Once you know the benefits of taking SAP certification, go to the SAP certification program. There are two types of certification exam for SAP, professional and associate. When you complete the professional level, you will have advanced, in-depth knowledge of SAP solutions. The Associate level certification on SAP is preferably for freshers.

There are multiple training courses available on SAP which can help to pass the associate level exams. The professional packages are for those who have already qualified for the associate level. The SAP Education has both free and premium preparation material that prepares the applicant for the varieties of questions. From the certification web shop, you can select the home country and look for the results. Following are the various sub-modules of SAP.

SAP HCM Module

It is the apt software to learn if you are applying for the post of an HR. It has various sub-modules that are important for time management-recruitment, Payroll, ESS, organizational management, personnel administration and reporting corporate management. A SAP HCM Module qualified HR can be of great importance to the organization for enabling better management of work.

SAP CRM Module

This module will make you professional in better management of customer and client needs. Consistent and relevant interactions, driving customer value, and inspiring loyalty are the core aim for any business and SAP CRM Module qualified person can help in managing all these sectors.

SAP SD Module

SAP Sales and Distribution or SAP SD helps to manage the system configuration, master data, and order and cash process transactions. With the completion of this module, you can be eligible to apply for posts in material master data executive, looking for the sales orders, pricing, billing, and other credit processes.

SAP BI Module

SAP Business Intelligence was previously known as SAP Business Information Warehouse. SAP BI qualified person can be responsible for extracting data from various sources and loading it into Data Warehouse area. It can help to represent data analysis in any form as required, as in graphs, maps, and grids. BEx tools are used to make these data and make the presentations.

All these modules help to enhance work processes at the organizational level and create professionalism. SAP training is almost mandatory for better data and employee management.

Salary expected and things to know

A typical SAP Basis Consultant in the United States is $115,010 as of reported data in January 2015, so it is a great certification to take. However, before taking up the SAP Certification course, be sure about the cost of registering for the exam. You need to decide whether the potential benefits of SAP certification be able to overgrow its price in the future. Most of the institutions have the basic structure of the certification course.

Choosing the Right Certification

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