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Last Updated: May 30, 2021

Top 5 LSAT Preparation Books

Preparing for the LSAT examination takes a lot more effort than preparing for other standardized tests. This is mostly because of the absence of a particular syllabus for the examination requiring students to develop and hone skills that are rooted in critical thinking and logical reasoning. While it is imperative that the candidate have excellent skills to crack the reading comprehension section of the examination, the sections of analytical reasoning and logical reasoning have to be developed over a period of time. Most students start preparing for the LSAT examination when they are pursuing their undergraduate degree and then specifically take time off in order to apply the skills they have learned to the examination.

It is recommended that candidates spend around 4-6 hours every week for four months before the test date where they spend the entire time practicing and completing question papers after question papers that have been designed to mimic the official examination. The steps that are followed by most students are in the order of reviewing the format of the examination, followed by working through the sample question papers that are available online and offline. Students are also known to procure old LSAT question papers which they use to get the hang of the examination.

It is not beneficial to skim through the question papers and commercial materials that are made available for the purpose of practicing for the test. Reworking one’s way through the mistakes they make is easily one of the best ways of cracking tough questions and also for understanding similar questions that may appear for the official exam.

While using prep materials for the LSAT, candidates are often plagued with the sheer number of texts that are available for the purpose. This page contains information regarding the top 5 prep books for LSAT along with their price and other details which can make the process of purchasing books easier for candidates. The best books are-

PowerScore LSAT Bible Trilogy

This book is one of the most expensive prep books that are available for the test prep by costing around $160. But at the same time, it is a set of 3 books each dedicated to each of the parts in the multiple-choice section.

The Logic Games book deals with detailed reviews and explanations for 28 official LSAT Logic Games and concentrates on making inferences accurately. They also deal with the management of time and recognize the game types and the game rules involved.

The Logical Reasoning book deals with every type of Logical Reasoning question and focuses on letting the student recognize the question types before delving into the 100 official LSAT questions. It also deals with the problem of time management students face in the section.

The Reading Comprehension book deals with the deconstruction of passages and offers explanations for 12 official LSAT Reading Comprehension Passages. They focus on letting the student understand the traps involved and makes them get better through the different drills and exercises they offer. The book contains 2006 pages in all and is a substantial investment for students who do not wish to purchase different books for all the different angles they have to study from for the test. Reviewers claim that they had a relative increase in their scores after using the book to prep for the test.

The LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim 2nd Edition

This book contains over 200 official LSAT questions along with their solutions and contains strategies that students can apply and succeed without fail in the official examination. It contains 30 drills that have been formulated by them which is said to develop skills that are required to crack an exam like LSAT. It also offers free study schedules for students who want to prepare for the exam by themselves and notebook organizers all of which can boost the interest of the student into preparing further.

The book costs $39.99 and contains 598 pages. Reviewers claim that purchasing this book nullifies the need of enrolling in an expensive course since the book teaches the candidate to think about the problems and not just work on them. The strategies used in the book have been found to be unique by candidates who purchased this book with many others and are also designed in a way that encourages students to track their mistakes and learn from them. They claim that the book is encouraging in nature with the best content available both as a self-prep and as a supplement to other courses and books one may study from.

The Official LSAT SuperPrep II- 2015th Edition

This prep book has been developed by the Law School Admission Council and is the latest official version of the practice tests made available by them. The book contains 3 full-length tests and a guide to the logic section of the LSAT examination. It covers the tests from December 2010, June 2011, and an undisclosed LSAT in detail in order to provide the candidate with the original experience of attempting the official test.

The book contains 416 pages and is said to cover all the basics required for taking the test. It is considered to be an additional resource since it covers most of the question types though it does not go into detail about question explanations. The cost of the book is $23.43.

Kaplan LSAT Prep Plus 2020-2021

This brand of test prep has been around for 80 years and is highly commended for the way they keep themselves updated with each new version they publish. This book contains official LSAT practice questions along with a practice exam. They also offer video instructions and online workshops led by instructors. The exam focuses on the Digital LSAT that has been introduced in the US and is mostly about the strategies that one can use to crack the exam rather than going on about the theories involved one-by-one.

The paperback version of the book containing 1044 pages can be purchased for an amount of $33.08 but students will also be able to procure used copies of the same book for much less. The book has been considered to be a beginner’s guide by most of its reviewers making it the best start a candidate can have in preparing for the exam. The content provided has been broken down into the narrowest fragments making the exam approachable to candidates who are new to the field. At the same time, the book is not recommendable to students who have already been preparing for the test or as a capsule version of what is required to clear the exam within the shortest available time frame.

Princeton Review: LSAT Premium Prep- 28th Edition

This book, by the Princeton Review, has 3 full-length practice tests as well as Official LSAT Prep Tests which they have procured by licensing the materials directly from the Law School Council. While the book contains over 100 questions for the LSAT, they also offer a lot more content online. They claim to offer techniques and strategies to clear the exam by breaking down the common mistakes that are made while attempting the general questions in the paper. The book also includes essay tips for LSAT Writing along with admission guides that can aid the student while applying to colleges or law schools.

The book contains only 432 pages and can be purchased for $29.99. Reviewers claim that the book simplifies the concepts that recur in the official test and is an easy guide for beginners to the test. After the initial preparation, the student will also be able to use the official practice tests available, to assess themselves and work on the mistakes they make.

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