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Last Updated: December 10, 2023

Popular LSAT Courses

Candidates that aspire to take up law as their subject in the countries of either the US, Canada, Australia or a few others must be prepared to take the LSAT examinations conducted by the LSAC to gain admission to most of the reputed colleges in the field. The LSAT exam is a standardized test that provides law schools with a scale of measuring students coming from different backgrounds and figuring out if they are cut out for the law field.

This examination, which is conducted for a registration fee of $200, is administered 7 times a year out of which students can attempt as many as 5 times. LSAT comprises a graded multiple-choice section and an ungraded writing section which will be sent to colleges and universities along with the LSAT score report. The graded multiple-choice section of the exam contains 3 sections each for Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning with each section provided for 35 minutes in all. The score range for the test is between 120 and 180 which is the LSAT scaled score obtained from the raw scores the candidate has received in the test.

How to Prepare for the LSAT?

Preparing for any competitive examination is more strategy-specific than content-specific. Especially considering how the LSAT test focuses on the proficiency the candidate has in the English Language, it is necessary to understand the format of the question paper and prepare according. It is never too early to start preparing for a life-changing test like the LSAT since retaking the test often leaves a mark considering how the candidate has already been exposed to the questions in the exam.

Online platforms that aid in preparing for the LSAT like the Princeton Review claim that preparing for 250-300 hours in all would be sufficient to develop the necessary skills for the test. But this depends on different factors like the study schedules the student can follow and the investment they put in every hour of preparation in general.

To prepare for LSAT one has to acquire skills in Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. LSAT preparation primarily starts with familiarizing oneself with the test instructions, question types, and how much time students could spend on each question, and knowing for which question types they might need additional time for practice. These will require many drilling sessions with quality test preparation materials and/or many experienced tutors (s)/instructor(s) who can help explain the test questions and improve on personal mistake patterns. Properly formatted preparation for the LSAT ends in good results.

It is advisable to enroll in courses that provide free LSAT prep practice tests and take the tests repeatedly until the candidate has sharpened their skills. The practice tests provide the candidates with the essential experience they require through intense and demanding prep they can find easily available for low costs.

Best Online Prep Platforms for LSAT

Choosing the best prep courses for an examination as important as the LSAT might seem to be time-consuming when the student is new to the field. This section has picked out the best LSAT courses available based on which candidates can choose their prep course based on their needs and cost-efficiency. The courses are-

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy has partnered with the Official LSAT team to provide an official prep free of cost that can benefit the students who enroll for the examination. They claim to provide a completely personalized experience by providing instant feedback and help wherever it is required. They focus on the four steps of diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, creating a personalized plan for practice, providing authentic lessons, and full-length paper practices.

Candidates can determine which skills they should prioritize by taking a diagnostic test at Khan Academy. Based on their diagnostic results and practice performance, Candidates will receive lesson and exercise recommendations at the ideal level. The practice plan is broken down into phases that progress from concentrated skill practice to timed, comprehensive practice exams. The official prep for the LSAT offers practice with real lessons and questions as well as instructional videos to help review concepts.

The Princeton Review LSAT Prep

The most well-liked course offered by Princeton Review is "LSAT 165+," which costs $1,849 and promises students 165+ test scores or their money back. The course includes 150 hours of online exercises and explanations, 84 hours of classroom instruction, access to more than 75 complete official LSAT prep tests, and official LSAT content‚Ä"the LawHub Advantage. (Estimated at $115). Immersion 165+ is another course that is offered; it guarantees a score of 165+ on the official test in 4 weeks. The course provides more than 144 hours of in-person training, practice, and assistance, 150 hours of tutorials and drills available online, and more than 8,000 LSAT-style questions.

Additional courses available include LSAT Fundamentals for $899, Self-Paced course for $799, and Private tutoring for $167 per hour which includes more than 150 hours of pre-recorded video lectures plus extra online resources, 1,800+ pages of study materials, including 70+ full Official LSAT PrepTests and access to every LSAT question ever released.

Magoosh LSAT Prep

Magoosh provides a Premium + On-Demand course with a 16-hour supplemental curriculum covering important subjects, a 5-star total score guarantee, tailored homework that reinforces lessons learned in class, specific assignments with written and video instructions as well a one-time LawHub Advantage costs $115. The price is $499.

For $199, it offers a self-paced course that includes over 7000 official LSAT questions, 90+ in-depth video strategy lessons, 200+ more Logic Game explanations, and a 12-month subscription.

Kaplan LSAT Prep Courses

Kaplan offers the LSAT Live online course for $1,020 for four months, $1,190 for six months, and $1,360 for twelve months. The LSAT On-Demand course is available for $799, $999, and $1,199 for 4,¬ 6,¬ and 12 months of access. 32 hours of in-person instruction are available for $1,275 for four months, $1,445 for six months, and $1,615 for a full year of the in-person prep course. Every course contains more than 200 quizzes, 70+ comprehensive, specially designed LSAT practice exams, and nearly 10,000 real LSAT exam questions with thorough answer explanations.

Additionally, for $3,600, Kaplan offers a boot camp course that includes four to six weeks of intense, full-time LSAT preparation, 80+ hours of live class instruction, 150+ hours of exclusive live and on-demand LSAT lessons, access to a curriculum that can be customized, 70+ official practice tests through LSAC's LSAT Prep Plus tool, over 240 customizable quizzes, and focused LSAT preparation.

Blueprint LSAT Prep

For $999 and five months of access, Blueprint offers a live course with over thirty-seven hours of instruction. For $1,649, the 170+ Course entails 75 hours of live instruction. Additionally, Blueprint provides Self-Paced courses, with one-month access priced at $299, three-month access at $399, six-month access at $649, and twelve-month access at $899.

Blueprint offers the following LSAT tutoring plans:
Plan16 Hours24 Hours40 Hours
Core Plan$2,294$3,3145,099
Premium Plan$3,569$5,269$8,704
170+ Tutoring$4,0795,7799,214

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