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Last Updated: March 17, 2024


The LSAT is a standardized test taken by candidates who want to gain admission to JD programs in law schools in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and others. The test started in the year 1948 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious examinations that have to be mandatorily cleared to get into law schools.

The test was created to provide law schools an easy way to access the skills of candidates who are applying, ensuring that they will fit in at the law school despite their consistent or inconsistent GPAs. The importance of the examination creates a lot of general confusion regarding both the registration process and the actual act of taking the examination.

What are the ID requirements for the LSAT?

Candidates are supposed to use a governmental Photo ID that has the following information stated on it-

What are the different sections in the LSAT?

The LSAT is divided mainly into 2 parts- the graded and ungraded multiple-choice section and the ungraded writing section. The multiple-choice section is further divided into four sections Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and variable (unscored) section.

What is changing in 2024?

In August 2024, two Logical Reasoning parts will be added, one to replace the Analytical Reasoning subject. Candidates in the Writing portion will now have 15 minutes to review the case and 35 minutes to compose an argumentative essay.

What is the scoring range in LSAT?

The LSAT score range starts from 120 to 180 where 120 is the lowest score attainable and 180 is the highest score possible. Candidates will be provided a score based on the number of correct answers they mark during the examination which is called the raw score. This score will be converted on an LSAT scale which puts the score between 120 and 180 and is mentioned in the score report.

How to register for LSAT?

Candidates can log in to the official LSAC website and register by creating an official LSAC account on the site.

How many times is LSAT conducted in a year?

LSAT is conducted 9 times every year in the US but not all testing centers conduct the test all 9 times, so candidates should check the date with the center they are applying to.

When will the LSAT scores be published?

Candidates will be able to view their LSAT scores online after 3 weeks of taking the test. The official scores will be mailed only after 4 weeks of taking the test.

Is there a choice for score cancellation in LSAT?

Candidates have the option of canceling their score from the day after they have taken the test for up to 6 days. This choice will be provided on the LSAT Status page on their official account on the LSAC website.

Canceling the scores does not provide the candidate with a refund nor will they be able to reverse the score cancellation decision under any circumstance.

How many retakes are possible for LSAT?

Candidates will be allowed to take the LSAT test 3 times in an LSAT year which starts in June and ends in May. They can attempt the exam 5 times in 5 years and a total of only 7 times in their lifetime since September 2019. There are exceptions made to candidates based on special circumstances.

What does the LSAT score report contain?

The LSAT score contains the following information-

What are the modes of taking LSAT?

Beginning August 2023, most test-takers will have the option of taking the exam in person at a Prometric digital testing center, or at home under the supervision of a live, remote proctor.

What is the fee for LSAT?

The basic registration fee for LSAT is $222. This fee entitles the candidate to only one free score report of the test. If they wish to send multiple score reports to universities, they will have to pay an additional fee of $45 per score report.

What is LSAT-Flex?

The administration of this exam has been discontinued. LSAT-Flex was the option that was provided for candidates to take the LSAT exam online during the pandemic. This exam contained three multiple-choice sections reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning. Candidates were given the option of completing their writing section 8 days before the examination date to receive their LSAT results at the earliest.

What is prohibited in the exam hall during LSAT?

Candidates are not allowed to take electronic gadgets of any kind in the examination hall except for the device they are using to take the test. They are also not allowed to bring stationery items or weapons into the examination hall under any circumstance. Violating any of the codes mentioned in the Candidate Agreement will ensure that their scores are canceled by LSAC.

What if the candidate does not have a device to take the test?

To make the exam more inclusive, candidates who do not have the required equipment for the test can request to LSAC for loaning the required device for the test before the Assistance Request deadline.

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